Twin house for sale in La Vista 2 | Enjoy your dream home

Twin house for sale in La Vista 2 | Enjoy your dream home
Twin house for sale in Monte Galala Village Ain Sokhna
175 sqm m²
fully finished
Delivery date 2026
Twin house for sale in Blue Blue Village Ain Sokhna
178 sqm m²
Super Lux finishing.
Delivery date 2023

Twin house for sale in La Vista 2 one of the most important coastal villages located inside Ain Sokhna. It is characterized by its location close to the most important axes and main roads. This helps in reaching it as quickly as possible.

Also, within the La Vista Sokhna project, a huge number of facilities and entertainment services were provided that give customers times full of luxury and relaxation. There are many types of residential units, so that each person chooses the unit that is most suitable for him according to the level of luxury that he wants to obtain.

Twin house for sale in La Vista 2

Twin house for sale in La Vista 2

Twin house for sale in La Vista 2

Its latest projects in Ain Sokhna. It is the village of La Vista 2, Ain Sokhna, which has the most important and best entertainment services, in addition to all the basic facilities and services that one discovers from living in it. Everything they want is in their hands. The unique and very special location overlooks the best beaches of the Red Sea, keeping you away from all causes of inconvenience and pollution, which brings you closer to the elements of endless happiness and joy.

Since it is very close to Cairo and the New Capital, it can be reached through a few easy access main roads. It is also specially designed for people with good taste who love the beauty of landscapes, beautiful views of the ocean, and the splendor of beaches with pure white sand, so it offers units in a variety of sizes so that they can enjoy these interesting attractions for them. To the fullest. Twin house for sale in La Vista 2

Location of La Vista 2 Sokhna Resort

Twin house for sale in La Vista 2 This large project is one of the projects that can be visited from many different places because it is located near many famous areas.

It can be reached through the following places:

  • The village is located near the city of Suez at kilometer 90.
  • It is located only 35 kilometers from the city of Zaafarana.
  • You can reach it from Cairo because it is located at kilometer 142 on the Cairo-city road. Twin house for sale in La Vista 2

Design of La Vista 2 Ain Sokhna Village

La Vista Ain Sokhna Village is unique in its beautiful designs that imitate European tourist projects that are characterized by luxury and modern decor. This is due to the developer company’s insistence on making this project an architectural masterpiece and an icon of luxury, so it sought the help of the most important designers and architects.

The project was implemented in the elegant Greek style, which is characterized by calm colors between… White and blue, which is in harmony with the nature surrounding the units, including turquoise sea water, green spaces, and golden sand, which gives a feeling of comfort and enjoyment, while the interior of the units is characterized by modern decor with the best raw materials and building materials.

Twin house for sale in La Vista 2

Twin house for sale in La Vista 2

Available services and facilities

The developing company worked to provide more services as follows

  • Swimming pools of various sizes to suit all age groups, including some designated for women.
  • There is a large commercial mall that meets your various needs and requirements.
    Restaurants and cafes of the most famous international brands are distinguished and close to the units.
  • A health center offers you the best recreational activities, a spa, a sauna, and a jacuzzi, so you can get the necessary rest and relaxation.
  • Green spaces, landscapes, and landscaping are the largest area in the project.
    Many playgrounds suitable for a number of different sports to practice the sport that suits you.
  • A huge mosque that can accommodate many worshipers and is constantly sterilized to preserve the general health of customers.
  • A huge walkway along the beach where you can do morning exercise and ride bikes safely.
  • A large garage was built to accommodate a huge number of cars to prevent crowding and overcrowding.
  • Security personnel and guards at the highest level and a huge group of modern surveillance cameras to provide a complete and integrated security system within La Vista.
  • Kids Area children’s entertainment area with various and fun games.
Twin house for sale in La Vista 2

Twin house for sale in La Vista 2

Prices available at La Vista Resort

The price plan provided by La Vista Real Estate Development Company is considered one of the best price plans in Ain Sokhna. To suit all customers. When La Vista Real Estate Development Company began planning the implementation of its project in Ain Sokhna, it put the desires and needs of its customers before it, and provided a suitable tourist destination with a distinguished location, a high level of service, and international quality. For the convenience of customers, the company provides a convenient payment system for all customers who wish to reserve investment in the most prestigious areas of Ain Sokhna for the future.

The real estate developer of La Vista Village

Twin house for sale in La Vista 2 is La Vista Real Estate Development Company, one of the companies founded in 1971. The company has a huge number of experts and engineers in the field of real estate, and the company has gained fame due to its many projects. Several different places, including New Cairo, 6th of October, North Coast, Shorouk, Marsa Alam and other distinguished projects. Because the company’s many diverse projects in Egypt come together under the two main names: La Vista and El Patio.

Here are examples of these items:

  • La Vista Sokhna, Rai Sokhna, Topaz Sokhna.
  • Also La Vista Bay North Coast, Bay East North Coast, and also Cascada North Coast, Ras El Hikma North Coast,
  • Also Seoul North Coast.
  • La Vista Marsa Alam.
  • El Patio New Cairo, El Patio Oro New Cairo, La Vista City New Cairo.
  • Also El Patio Al Shorouk, El Patio Casa El Shorouk, and also El Patio 5 East, El Patio Prime Compound.
  • El Patio 6th of October, El Patio Zahraa 6th of October.
  • La Vista 1 Sokhna project. Note that the prices and areas mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2019, and therefore are subject to change, and we are keen to update them constantly so that the customer is aware of changes in the real estate market. Twin house for sale in La Vista 2
Twin house for sale in La Vista 2

Twin house for sale in La Vista 2

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