Twin house for sale in Al Maqsad -The best site in R3

Twin house for sale in Al Maqsad -The best site in R3

Twin house for sale in Al Maqsad It is one of the most important upscale residential compounds that offers upscale opportunities to enjoy the finer details of life amidst the distinctive atmosphere of nature. Green spaces have spread in a large proportion within the compound, while the proportion of buildings in the project is the lowest, which in turn gives all units of the destination project a distinctive view and experience. Unique for new living styles.

Twin house for sale in Al Maqsad location

City Edge Real Estate Development Company chose the R3 area in the heart of the New Administrative Capital to build Al Maqsad Compound, which is one of the most famous residential areas, as it is very close to the most important landmarks in the capital. It is located next to important main roads and axes, which gave the destination a great position among the residential compounds in the New Capital.

The most important places near the compound

  • The new Egyptian Opera House in the capital.
  • New Administrative Capital Airport.
  • Al Masa Hotel.
  • The iconic tower.
  • Green River.
  • Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque, the Great Mosque of Egypt, the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ.
  • The government district and the ministries district.
  • The financial and business district, and the fairgrounds area.
  • Regional ring road.
  • Suez Road.
  • Ain Sokhna Road.
Twin house for sale in Al Maqsad

Twin house for sale in Al Maqsad

Area of Al Maqsad Compound the Administrative Capital

The area of Al Maqsad Compound is one of the distinctive things that City Edge Real Estate Development Company paid attention to in building the project. Since the idea of Al Maqsad Compound came up, it has been keen to provide a distinctive residential compound, which includes a wide variety of units and spaces, and provides all customers with choosing the appropriate unit for them. The area of the compound reaches 211 acres.

Area of the compound units

One of the most important features of Al Maqsad Compound is the presence of a wide variety of designs and spaces for the residential units within it. Which in turn provided different options to suit all customers’ needs and desires.

The spaces within the compound are as follows:

  • Independent villas’ area starts from 370 square meters.
  • Townhouse area starts from 413 square meters.
  • Twin house areas start from 380 square meters.
  • Twin house for sale in Al Maqsad in various sizes.

Services of Twin house for sale in Al Maqsad

The owner company implemented the project according to a modern, advanced vision that ensures its implementation to the fullest extent so that it becomes an integrated complex in all aspects with its services and benefits that it provides to a large number of customers. It includes a variety of services of a unique nature that guarantee the residents a decent life and a more advanced standard of living.

The most prominent services of the compound

  • Green spaces occupy a large percentage of the compound, and this makes all the units of the compound have an enchanting view of the most beautiful and enchanting landscapes.
  • A highly trained security and guarding team works 24 hours a day without stopping, ensuring residents greater safety and comfort.
  • The destination compound has areas designated for walking and recreation amidst the natural landscape to enjoy the atmosphere inside the compound.
  • Walking tracks have been designated for walking, away from cars.
  • There is a pharmacy available that provides the medications that residents of the compound need without having to leave the compound.
  • A supermarket provides the compound’s residents with all the food supplies they need to meet their needs.
  • The compound includes a sports club located on a large area that contains a group of sports fields.
  • The Kids Area area inside the compound has many types of entertainment games available to enjoy spending the most enjoyable times.
  • A health club, gym, and spa equipped with the latest equipment for more comfort and luxury for the compound’s residents.
  • A large commercial area that includes many shopping centers, which provide residents with international brands and products.
  • A number of restaurants and cafes that offer the most delicious food and drinks, prepared by the most skilled chefs.
  • All buildings in the compound have fully secured garages, to preserve cars and prevent overcrowding and building congestion.
  • The compound has a large group of swimming pools of different sizes and shapes, and they are distributed harmoniously throughout the compound.
  • Twin house for sale in Al Maqsad with the finest modern designs.
Twin house for sale in Al Maqsad

Twin house for sale in Al Maqsad

Twin house for sale in Al Maqsad prices

The owner company also offers a group of buildings in the Al-Maqsad Administrative Capital project, and provides you with a diverse package of many spaces and prices available to you within the destination. The residential units vary between a group of villas and townhouses with distinctive and sophisticated designs that suit all the sophisticated tastes in the community. Twin house for sale in Al Maqsad at competitive prices.

Payment and installment systems

The company that owns Al Maqsad Compound, the Administrative Capital, has provided all the basic and indispensable elements of life. It has chosen a distinctive strategic location in the heart of the Administrative Capital, providing a large number of diverse services, and providing residential units of multiple sizes. It has made sure that the prices are competitive to suit all customers and investors, in addition to… The payment and installment systems are distinctive and varied so that the customer chooses the system that is appropriate for him. There is Twin house for sale in Al Maqsad with easy payment systems.

Twin house for sale in Al Maqsad

Twin house for sale in Al Maqsad

The company that owns the project

City Edge Real Estate Development Company, which is one of the most important and well-known real estate companies in the real estate market, was established in 2017 AD, and was launched to be one of the largest distinguished real estate companies in Egypt. It has also established many high-end residential projects, and the company is a product of the union of 3 government institutions. Important ones include the Urban Communities Authority, the Housing and Development Authority, and the Holding Company for Development and Investment. The company is keen to implement its projects according to the slogan “We build for history” and is making every effort to implement units with architectural designs and international standards that keep pace with the times.

Twin house for sale in Al Maqsad

Twin house for sale in Al Maqsad

The most important work carried out by the owner company

  • Zahia project, in New Mansoura.
  • The Gate Towers, New Alamein.
  • North Edge Towers, North Coast.
  • New Alamein Towers, on the North Coast.
  • Etapa project, Sheikh Zayed.
  • Baroque Compound, in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Mazarine New Alamein Compound.
  • Al-Maqsad New Administrative Capital Project.
  • Downtown New Alamein.
  • Twin house for sale in Al Maqsad

Why do you live in the new administrative capital?

There are many reasons that prompted Egypt and its ruling regime to establish a huge investment project, which is the New Administrative Capital, which is the city of dreams in Egypt that it has been seeking to achieve on the ground for a long time.

  • The presence of a city in which large green spaces prevail, giving a sophisticated aesthetic appearance.
  • Establishing an Egyptian city based on renewable energy, such as using solar energy to generate electricity.
  • The existence of an advanced city built on the latest technological methods in Egypt, based on waste recycling and complete reliance on all means and means of sustainability.
  • The existence of an Egyptian city that takes into account the health and sports system of the population, through the presence of special roads and paths for pedestrians and bicycles to a very large extent.
  • Advanced means of transportation such as trains, metro, cars, buses, taxis, trams and trolleybuses.
  • The existence of a city in Egypt that provides all its services in an advanced manner via the Internet and the use of…
  • The latest technological means to guard and secure the city against any terrorist, sabotage, or criminal acts.
  • The presence of a city that will be a financial and business center in Egypt, the Middle East, and North Africa, attracting investors and financiers from all countries of the world.
  • Twin house for sale in Al Maqsad with a distinctive strategic location in the heart of the New Administrative Capital.
Twin house for sale in Al Maqsad

Twin house for sale in Al Maqsad

Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the second half of 2023, so they are subject to change. We at Masharef Real Estate are keen to update the spaces, price and type of listings for both residential and commercial units to keep. Informing clients about the real estate market.

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