Townhouse for sale in la verde new capital | Revealing the 6 most important exceptional elements

Townhouse for sale in la verde new capital | Revealing the 6 most important exceptional elements

Townhouse for sale in la verde new capital Egypt Real Estate Company presents Laverde Administrative Capital Compound, which is considered the latest and most important breakthrough between luxury and sophistication. The compound offers the luxurious accommodation you are looking for for you and your family, which makes it stand out from other residential complexes. Laverde Egypt Company is keen to provide the maximum possible comfort to its customers and meet all their needs within Laverde Compound in the New Administrative Capital.

Townhouse for sale in la verde new capital location

The compound’s location is considered strategic and ideal for housing and investment, as it provides residents and investors with all amenities and entertainment in a quiet atmosphere and a safe environment surrounded by picturesque nature. The proximity to the Green River adds additional appeal to the project, making it an ideal place to relax and enjoy the tranquility and natural beauty.

The most important places near the compound

  • The compound is distinguished by its prime location in the R8 district of the Administrative Capital, next to Block K1 and the Anakaji area
  • It is distinguished by its wonderful view of the Green River, which gives it exceptional beauty.
  • The distance between the compound and the Administrative Capital Airport and the Presidential Palace is only a quarter of an hour by car
  • The compound is a short distance from the Embassy District, the Expo District, and the Green River, which provides residents and visitors with easy and quick access to these places.
  • An ideal place to live near the important and vital facilities in the Administrative Capital, such as the cathedral, schools, and the British University.
  • Its proximity to other important compounds such as Elite Park and Yarrow, which makes it an ideal choice for those looking for comfort and stability in a special place in the city.
Townhouse for sale in la verde new capital

Townhouse for sale in la verde new capital

Laverde area new capital

The Laverde Apartments Compound is distinguished by its vast area of ​​35 acres, equivalent to about 147 thousand square meters. Of this large area, only a small quarter is allocated to residential buildings, approximately 20%. The rest of the space is allocated to green spaces, which makes the apartments overlook stunning natural views. Thanks to the presence of these green spaces, residents can enjoy the most beautiful landscapes and feel calm and reassured when looking at them. The design of the compound aims to provide a comfortable and beautiful environment for residents, where they can enjoy nature and tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The spaces within the compound are as follows:

  • The Laverde project is distinguished by its unique design, which includes a variety of residential units. We have typical apartment sizes starting from 135 square meters up to 255 square meters, providing customers with many options to choose from.
  • In addition, the project includes ground floor apartments with areas ranging from 145 square meters to 203 square meters, making it an ideal choice for those looking for comfort and independence.
  • If you are looking for a luxury home with a stunning view, the penthouse apartments in the Laverde project are the ideal choice for you. These apartments are available in sizes starting from 170 square meters and up to 255 square meters, ensuring you the comfort and luxury you deserve.
  • If you are looking for privacy and luxury, duplex apartments are the perfect choice. These units are available in areas ranging from 270 square meters to 346 square meters, providing you with the opportunity to enjoy a spacious and comfortable space that suits your daily needs.
Townhouse for sale in la verde new capital

Townhouse for sale in la verde new capital

Townhouse for sale in la verde new capital services

Residence within a Townhouse for sale in la verde new capital is a unique experience that ensures residents enjoy a comfortable and luxurious life. The compound is surrounded by various types of services that meet the needs of residents and make them live in comfort and stability. Among the services available in La Verde Compound, it can be noted:

  • Security and guarding around the clock to ensure the safety of residents and the protection of their property.
  • Beautiful green spaces and gardens that provide a refreshing and comfortable environment to walk around and relax.
  • Various recreational facilities such as swimming pools, sports fields, and gymnasiums.
  • Commercial centers and stores to meet the shopping and entertainment needs of residents.
  • International restaurants and cafes offering a variety of delicious cuisine to enjoy a unique dining experience.
  • The picturesque artificial lakes located in the project provide residents with the opportunity to practice many recreational activities, which increases the attractiveness of the place and enhances their lifestyle.
  • The residents of the project enjoy complete safety for their cars, as there is a group of garages secured with the latest means of protection, which ensures the safety of their vehicles.
  • A huge mall was built in the project, where residents can shop and have fun inside without having to go outside, making their lives easier and more comfortable.
  • The security aspects of the project are highlighted by the deployment of security personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which ensures the safety of the project residents and gives them a sense of reassurance.
  • Residents are provided with delicious oriental and international cuisine in multiple restaurants within the project, where a team of the most skilled chefs works to satisfy their tastes.
  • Through the luxurious cafes located in the project, residents can enjoy the most delicious drinks and sit in a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.
  • A large number of medical clinics with various specialties are provided and medical services are provided around the clock, ensuring residents of good health care.
  • Paved paths have been created within the project for walking, running, and cycling, which enhances residents’ lifestyle and contributes to maintaining their health.
  • There are carefully equipped pharmacies in the project, providing residents with therapeutic services throughout the day to ensure their comfort and safety.
  • There are open areas within the project that enable residents to organize barbecue parties and enjoy the most beautiful family times, which enhances communication and bonding among community members.
  • Townhouse for sale in la verde new capital

Townhouse for sale in Laverde New Capital prices

Townhouse for sale in la verde new capitalare among the best prices offered, as they combine quality with a profitable investment. The compound is distinguished by its luxury and complete services, which makes it an ideal choice for housing in the New Capital. For its part, Laverde Company was keen to determine the price of the residential unit in a reasonable and appropriate way, to suit different customers and meet their needs. This makes investing in Laverde units an ideal choice for thinking about purchasing a residential unit or for investment.Townhouse for sale in la verde new capital

Townhouse for sale in la verde new capital

Townhouse for sale in la verde new capital

Payment and installment systems

The company provides various options to its customers to choose the payment method that suits their needs and financial capabilities. This aims to provide a convenient and easy payment experience, free of any additional procedures.Townhouse for sale in la verde new capital. Payment systems have been carefully designed to meet the needs and preferences of customers. These systems include multiple options, including cash payment, payment through banks, and flexible installment systems.Townhouse for sale in la verde new capital

Townhouse for sale in la verde new capital

Townhouse for sale in la verde new capital

The company that owns the project and its most important work

Laverde Real Estate Development Company is implementing a giant project that proves its position as one of the leading companies in the field of real estate. In implementing its projects, the company relies on a distinguished team that includes the best consultants, engineers and workers, who work with dedication to ensure the highest levels of quality are achieved.

Laverde Misr Real Estate Company aims to provide an upscale and comfortable residential environment for its clients, and to guarantee them comfort and luxury in its real estate projects. During its journey, the company has succeeded in completing many successful projects, but this giant project is a new challenge that exceeds all its expectations.

The most important work carried out by the owner company

  • Townhouse for sale in la verde new capital

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