Penthouse for sale in 90 Avenue | An unforgettable living experience

Penthouse for sale in 90 Avenue | An unforgettable living experience

Penthouse for sale in 90 Avenue is a huge project offered by Tabarak Real Estate Company, which is famous for its successful and fully integrated projects, and the distinguished location in New Cairo, close to many vital places. 90 Avenue Compound is an upscale residential complex designed according to international standards to provide its residents with luxury, safety and stability.

Penthouse for sale in 90 Avenue

Penthouse for sale in 90 Avenue

Penthouse for sale in 90 Avenue

The project is an exceptional and large residential project with many unique advantages and the first place among many large projects. It is one of the projects of the leading real estate company Tabarak, which called it Avenue 90, as it was keen to have the owner of the site as an important strategic location in the heart of New Cairo, specifically in the Fifth Settlement.

It also connects the most important roads and main axes, and the distance that separates it from the vital areas does not exceed a few minutes, and you can reach 90 Avpino Compound in just a few minutes, and thus you will be able to easily reach it without getting tired of crowding and congestion.

The most important landmarks near 90 Avenue Compound Fifth Settlement

  • The 90 Avenue project, Fifth Settlement, is located near the most famous major universities, which is the American University AUC.
  • The 90th Avenue Compound, New Cairo, faces Future University.
  • The distance between 90 Avenue Compound, Fifth Settlement, and the most famous luxury compounds and the largest malls is short.
  • You can reach Cairo Festival City Mall from 90 Avenue Compound, New Cairo, in a few minutes.
  • Tabarak Fifth Settlement Compound is close to the airport road and the ring road.
  • Access from Avenue New Cairo Compound to the most important cities and neighborhoods, including 6th of October and Maadi, in just a few minutes. Penthouse for sale in 90 Avenue
Penthouse for sale in 90 Avenue

Penthouse for sale in 90 Avenue

Choose your ideal unit from our diverse collection of penthouses for sale in 90 Avenue

An upscale residential project. Tabarak Real Estate Company not only chose a strategic location for it, but also decided to set out to establish it on a large area of land. It was divided in a unique geometric shape, as it includes huge green spaces and beautiful landscapes, which give it the best appearance and work to renew the positive spirit that… It is estimated at about 82%. As for the buildings inside, they are unique. Approximately 56 buildings have been constructed, and each one consists of a ground floor + 5 recurring floors. Also, Tabarak Real Estate Company decided to create within its large residential project 90 Avenue approximately 1,300. Residential unit for investment.

A penthouse for sale in 90 Avenue, providing a group of administrative units in the second phase of the compound, with an area estimated at approximately 40,000 square meters, and within it 20 buildings containing 300 new residential units. Penthouse for sale in 90 Avenue

In addition, a distinctive group of units has been provided to which the Garden Front is attached, which are houses that contain a front garden for holding parties, a Kids Area, barbecuing parties with friends and enjoying an unparalleled atmosphere. The design within the 90 Avenue Compound, Fifth Settlement, has been designed to include units from The duplex area starts from 157 square meters and reaches 315 square meters, so you will have complete freedom to choose the most suitable unit for you and your family, with beautiful architectural designs and decorations that match the modern era, so hurry now and reserve your unit….!!

Area of 90 Avenue Tabarak Real Estate Compound

A huge project like 90 Avenue must be built on a huge area so that his company can provide it with all the facilities and services. The area occupied by the 90 Avenue project is about 50 acres, as for dividing it in a way that makes all units see natural views and green spaces.

The buildings were given 18% of the total area of 90 Avenue, and green spaces are used on the rest of the area, amounting to 82%, in addition to recreational services, artificial lakes, and water bodies. The 90 Avenue Compound includes 56 buildings, each building consists of a ground floor and five successive floors, each floor consisting of four Apartments and 2 queen suites. The total number of units in Tabarak New Cairo Compound is about 1,300 residential units. In its second phase, administrative units are available on an area of 40,000 square meters, and there are 20 buildings with 300 residential units.

A penthouse for sale in 90 Avenue Compound, and the distinctive units bearing the name “Garden Front” are residential units attached to a beautiful garden, suitable for private parties and children’s fun. The types of residential units in the Ninety Avenue Compound are different, as there are residential apartments, duplex units, small studio apartments, and luxury villas. Luxurious queen suite units are also available in duplex units ranging in size from 157 square meters to 315 square meters, and there are many and varied spaces that customers can choose from according to their desire. Penthouse for sale in 90 Avenue

Penthouse for sale in 90 Avenue

Penthouse for sale in 90 Avenue

Services and features of Penthouse for sale in 90 Avenue

The project is characterized by sophisticated architectural designs and modern décor. The compound provides many services that distinguish it from other residential projects. There are green spaces on large areas and gardens, and flower and plant formations that provide psychological comfort and a stunning view for all units.

  • Artificial lakes add more beauty and charm to the landscape.
  • There are a large number of swimming pools available,
  • Which are distributed in a balanced manner, and are characterized by a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • There are a large number of restaurants and cafes that offer distinctive menus of delicious meals.
  • Shops and stores providing goods and needs of the most famous international brands.
  • There is a huge shopping mall, built on an area of 50 thousand square meters.
  • Gardens have been designated for children’s recreational games with the highest levels of safety.
  • There is an amusement park for adults and children.
  • The Ninety Avenue project has a gym, spa, jacuzzi, and health club equipped with the latest sports equipment at the highest level.
  • A supermarket that sells goods and supplies.
  • Medical clinics and pharmacies operate around the clock.
    Within 90 Avenue Compound there are schools and nurseries for children. Penthouse for sale in 90 Avenue
Penthouse for sale in 90 Avenue

Penthouse for sale in 90 Avenue

The company that owns the compound is Tabarak Company

90 Avenue Compound is a huge project implemented by a large company with a well-known name in the Egyptian real estate market, which is Tabarak Holding Company, which has more than 35 years of experience, starting in 1979 through Al-Nahda Company, which specializes in contracting. Tabarak Company has a work team that includes senior consultants and engineers.

It is distinguished by It self-finances its projects, which makes it able to stick to its promises and thus has gained the trust of millions. The company that owns the Ninety Avenue Sun project believes that real estate investment is the basis of development. This is its motto, which it adheres to in all its projects, which are characterized by diversity, to meet the demands of all segments of society. The company has a land portfolio of more than 7 million square meters in distinctive vital locations. Penthouse for sale in 90 Avenue

Many projects were presented that achieved distinction and success, the most important of which are the following:

  • Al Aali Clinic project in Maadi.
  • Beyti Compound in 6th of October City.
  • Al-Aali project, Riyadh.
  • Fantasia Resort in Ras Sedr.
  • Capital East project in Nasr City.
  • Maadi Heights Compound.
  • Sandry Maadi project.
  • Tabarak city.

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