Ivillas for sale in new capital | 10 amenities that redefine life

Ivillas for sale in new capital | 10 amenities that redefine life

Ivillas for sale in new capital The Administrative Capital is the first destination preferred by many to search for luxury and diverse services. Demands for villas in the New Administrative Capital are increasing, as many are looking for quiet and sophisticated residential units that are in line with international standards in construction. These units are distinguished by their unique designs and integration with the picturesque nature that can provide an ideal environment for living and relaxing.

Ivillas for sale in new capital location

The Administrative Capital provides all the basic and recreational services that residents need, and provides a safe and healthy residential environment thanks to the clean energy that the city operates with. The Administrative Capital includes prestigious international schools and universities, in addition to many medical, commercial, and recreational facilities that make life within the city comfortable and enjoyable.

The prices of villas in the New Administrative Capital vary between different compounds based on a variety of factors such as location, services, and unit space. Companies take these factors into consideration when setting prices in order to provide flexible options suitable for the diverse needs of customers.Ivillas for sale in new capital

Ivillas for sale in new capital

Ivillas for sale in new capital

Reasons for buying villas in the Administrative Capital

The Administrative Capital’s villas exude the scent of attractiveness thanks to their great features that make them an ideal destination for many investors and those looking to buy their new homes. The most important of these reasons are the following:

  • The Administrative Capital is distinguished by its strategic location close to new cities that constitute an urban turning point for Egypt in the future.
  • The huge size of the Administrative Capital of 170,000 acres allows the creation of integrated projects that meet customer needs with high efficiency.
    On the other hand, the Administrative Capital contains the headquarters of all government agencies and ministries, in addition to the presidential headquarters, embassies, and diplomatic headquarters.
  • The Administrative Capital is also an ideal place for investment thanks to the presence of many commercial and administrative centers, which attracts investors to take advantage of the promising opportunities in the future.
  • The Administrative Capital has the most famous international brands in various fields, making it easy for residents to get everything they need easily and conveniently.
  • The Administrative Capital provides a variety of recreational and social activities through many clubs and cultural centers.
  • Investing in purchasing a villa in the Administrative Capital is an ideal option for those looking for an ideal combination between living in an integrated residential environment and
  • investing in a place that offers many future opportunities.

Types of villas in the Administrative Capital available for sale

Customers are looking for pricesIvillas for sale in new capital, but they must also consider choosing the type of villa that suits them and meets their ambitions. There are different types of villas that provide comfort and psychological stability to residents and are very popular due to their many advantages. The most prominent of these types are:

  • Standalone Villas, which consist of two or three floors and feature a private entrance and garden, and prices vary from one region to another.
  • There are also townhouse villas, which are independent villas that have a private garden, but they are distinguished by being part of a group of houses in one urban row.
  • Also among the popular types are Twin House Villas, which are considered semi-attached villas, but each of them has its own entrance and garden.
Ivillas for sale in new capital

Ivillas for sale in new capital

Area of villas in the new administrative capital

The size of Ivillas for sale in new capital varies from one region to another, as companies are keen to provide units in a way that meets the desires of customers and ensures comfort and psychological stability for them. Searching for the appropriate space is one of the important steps after searching for villa prices in the New Administrative Capital, as space plays a major role in meeting customers’ needs and its importance is no less than the importance of price.Ivillas for sale in new capital

  • The area of ​​villas available in the Administrative Capital ranges from 124 square meters to 695 square meters.
  • The area of twin house villas starts from 124 to 224 square meters.
  • Townhouses range in size from 247 to 366 square meters.
  • The area of independent villas ranges from 350 to 695 square meters.

Villa prices in the new administrative capital

The price per meter is considered one of the main factors that determine the price of villas in the New Administrative Capital, as prices are determined based on the area of the villa, and each company determines the price per meter that is appropriate for its services and the location of the project. This leads to a large discrepancy in the prices of villas in the New Administrative Capital.

Therefore, customers wishing to buy Ivillas for sale in new capitalshould search carefully for the appropriate price per meter. This price should be appropriate for the location of the compound in which the villa is located. For example, the price per meter of villas in the 7th District (R7) may differ from the 8th District (R8) due to a difference in available services or due to the location’s proximity to major facilities.Ivillas for sale in new capital

Services for Ivillas for sale in new capital

The compounds are designed to become a mini city of services, entertainment activities, commercial space design, and many important investment elements that provide you with the highest level of service, and among those services are the following:

  • The landscape is very distinctive, with vast green spaces, public gardens, and trees that give a charming view to all units in the compound.
  • Swimming pools of different sizes and depths to suit all age groups, distributed throughout the compound.
  • A designated entertainment area for children (Kids Area) to play and develop skills.
  • Artificial lakes spread throughout the compound.
  • There is also a dedicated track for running, walking and cycling.
  • A parking lot and garage for cars to prevent overcrowding and congestion of cars.
  • A group of restaurants that serve the most delicious local and international dishes, and cafes that serve the most delicious drinks.
  • An integrated commercial area containing a group of shops and a commercial center for shopping freely from the most famous international brands.
  • A large hypermarket to buy all household supplies from.
  • A security system at the highest level consisting of an electronic inspection portal, guard and security personnel, and various high-quality surveillance cameras.
  • A sports club that includes a gym and sports fields for practicing various types of sports.
  • A social and entertainment club suitable for all family members to spend the best times there.
Ivillas for sale in new capital

Ivillas for sale in new capital

Finishing in ivilla in the administrative capital

The companies specialized in finishing Ivillas for sale in new capital are considered among the companies most concerned with details and quality, as these companies seek to provide finishes that suit the taste of customers and guarantee them the comfort and luxury they are looking for. One of the points that these companies pay special attention to is the use of the finest materials during the process Finishing, which gives the units a special appeal and luxury. In addition, these companies are keen to ensure the availability of villas at competitive prices that suit the different types of finishing.

The finishing systems for villas in the New Administrative Capital vary between complete finishing, where the villas are delivered completely, including air conditioning and interior finishes.
And between semi-finished finishes, where the units are delivered on red brick and the customers are left to choose the finishing according to their personal preferences and tastes.

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