Duplex for sale in vinci new capital | 5 key developments shaping the future

Duplex for sale in vinci new capital | 5 key developments shaping the future

Duplex for sale in vinci new capital  It offers an amazing fulfillment of the dream of high-end housing and a decent life that many clients are looking for. The Vinci project in Egypt, Italy is characterized by an exceptional location, completely far from any slums, crowds, or pollution. This luxury project makes it an ideal choice for people looking for excellence and difference. If you want to enjoy the life of the elite and royalty, you should be one of the lucky ones and book your unit in the wonderful Vinci project. You will find yourself in a huge edifice that allows you to live with the best luxury services and facilities.

Duplex for sale in vinci new capital location

Vinci Capital Compound has an ideal strategic location that meets customers’ ambitions, as it is located in one of the most prestigious and least dense residential neighborhoods R7 in the Diplomatic District in New Cairo. Thanks to this wonderful location, residents of the compound can easily access the vital areas and famous tourist attractions in New Cairo.Duplex for sale in vinci new capital

The most important places near the compound

  • Vinci Administrative Capital Compound is considered a privileged location, as it is located a few minutes from the Embassy District and the Exhibition Grounds.
  • In addition, it is about 5 minutes away from the Green River, which makes it ideal for those who want to enjoy tranquility and nature.
  • Vinci Compound is easily accessible, as it can be easily reached from Bin Zayed South Axis.
  • It is also very close to the presidential district, making it an ideal choice for families who want to live in a quiet and safe place.
  • The distance between it and the Al Masa Hotel and the British University is only a few minutes.
  • It is also adjacent to Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque, providing residents with easy access to places of worship.
Duplex for sale in vinci new capital

Duplex for sale in vinci new capital

Duplex for sale in vinci new capital spaces

Vinci Real Estate owns a luxurious compound that attracts all customers with their diverse tastes. All types of residential units are available in this compound, from regular apartments to independent villas, townhouses, and twin houses. The compound aims to provide everyone with an opportunity to live in a residential community that provides full services. Customers can enjoy all aspects of modern life within this luxurious community and enjoy comfort and entertainment within their residential units.Duplex for sale in vinci new capital

The spaces within the compound are as follows:

  • Apartments in Vinci Administrative Capital Compound feature areas ranging from 133 to 187 square metres, while apartments with a garden in Vinci come with an area starting from 177 square metres.
  • For lovers of distinctive apartments, the area of apartments in Vinci Lagoons Compound starts from 162 to 190 square meters.
  • As for those looking for townhouse units, they can choose from yards ranging from 157 to 340 square meters in the Vinci Misr Italia project.
  • While the twin house units in the Vinci project come with an area starting from 309 square meters.
  • As for Sky Villas in Vinci Administrative Capital, they feature areas ranging from 299 to 339 square metres.

Duplex for sale in vinci new capital services

Misr Italia is distinguished by providing innovative solutions in residential units that ensure comfort for customers. This is clearly reflected in the Vinci Compound in the Administrative Capital, where villas, apartments, twin houses, and townhouses are available with a wonderful design and unique finishes. In addition to the luxury residential units, the Vinci Compound offers integrated services and entertainment means to ensure customer satisfaction. Given the competitive prices, Vinci Compound is an ideal choice for those looking for quality, comfort, and a unique residential experience.

The most prominent services of the compound are the following:

  • In Vinci Compound, residents live in a green environment full of green spaces and healthy parks that help them relax at any time of the day.
  • In addition, they can enjoy swimming pools of various sizes that suit all ages, which provide an opportunity to practice this fun hobby.
  • Residents can enjoy a healthy and active life by joining the integrated health club that was designed with high professionalism in the Vinci Egypt Italia project.
  • In addition, they have a large parking garage near their units to facilitate the parking process and ensure comfort and safety.
  • Residents can enjoy sports at the highest level, which includes all the sports they prefer to practice.
  • The artificial lakes also add beauty to the project and increase the charm of the units.
  • Vinci Compound provides security and guarding services around the clock to ensure safety and security among residents.
  • In addition, residents can enjoy delicious dishes through the cafes and restaurants located in the project.
  • Residents can get all their needs and shop at any time through the stores and commercial centers within Vinci Compound.
  • Maintenance and cleaning services are also available 7 days a week to maintain the shape of the units and ensure the comfort of residents.
  • Duplex for sale in vinci new capital with the best various services
Duplex for sale in vinci new capital

Duplex for sale in vinci new capital

Prices of Vinci Compound Administrative Capital

Our company is distinguished by providing various spaces that suit the needs of customers in Vinci Compound, as it offers competitive prices for those seeking to buy their dream home in the Administrative Capital. We always strive to provide suitable options for customers to make their residential project in Vinci Compound more suitable to their requirements and personal preferences.Duplex for sale in vinci new capital At the best competitive prices.

Duplex for sale in vinci new capital

Duplex for sale in vinci new capital

Payment and installment systems

Misr Italia strives to provide a smooth and easy purchasing experience for its customers. These efforts include providing a special program for reservation and payment processes, with the aim of avoiding any financial obstacles that may hinder customers from owning their units. Vinci Compound is distinguished by the availability of multiple systems that give customers the freedom to choose and suit their needs and requirements.

Through these systems, customers can choose the method that suits their financial circumstances and makes it easier for them to obtain their unit easily and conveniently. In addition, excellent customer service is provided to ensure customer satisfaction and provide the necessary support at every step of the purchasing process.

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Duplex for sale in vinci new capital

Duplex for sale in vinci new capital

The company that owns the project and its most important work

Misr Italia Company is considered one of the prominent real estate companies in Egypt, as it is distinguished by providing projects characterized by luxury and distinction. In its projects, the company relies on the latest designs that adopt international construction standards, with the aim of providing an exceptional experience for customers.

Misr Italia projects are distinguished by the fact that they include integrated communities that provide a suitable environment for housing, in addition to the presence of retail places, and the provision of furniture and wooden floors. All these aspects make it one of the most prominent real estate companies in the Egyptian real estate market. Misr Italia is an ideal choice for clients looking for quality and luxury in the world of real estate in Egypt.Duplex for sale in vinci new capital

The most important work carried out by the owner company

  • Apartments in Compound Il Bosco New Capital.
  • Villas in Bosco New Administrative Capital il Bosco New Capital Compound.
  • IL Bosco City New Cairo Compound, Mostakbal City, New Cairo.
  • La Nuova Vista New Cairo Compound, Fifth Settlement.
  • Sila New Cairo Compound.
  • Mousa Coast Resort Ras Sedr.
  • Kai Ain Al Sokhna Village.
  • Cairo Business Park Mall, New Cairo.
  • Italian Square 6 October Compound.
  • Duplex for sale in vinci new capital

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