Duplex for sale in the curve new capital | 3 investment opportunities

Duplex for sale in the curve new capital | 3 investment opportunities

Duplex for sale in the curve new capital It is an oasis of luxury and sophistication, as it is distinguished by its modern design and the luxurious facilities it provides. The compound combines sophistication and comfort and provides residents with an atmosphere of tranquility and natural beauty. The units in Al Manhuna Compound are located in a privileged location surrounded by wide green spaces, making them ideal for those looking for quiet and enjoyable housing away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The units in Al Manhuna Compound vary in terms of spaces and designs. This allows customers to choose the unit that meets their needs and suits their lifestyle.

Duplex for sale in the curve new capital location

the curve Compound is considered one of the most important real estate projects in the New Administrative Capital, as it is located in the R8 area on plot I6 G + 7. The site is characterized by the presence of two main streets with a width of about 60 meters each, which makes it a strategic and distinctive location. It is also located near Anakaji Compound, ensuring its presence in a lively and important area in the New Administrative Capital. These features provide residents with many opportunities and privileges that make them choose to reside in Al-Munahni Compound.

The most important places near the compound

  • The compound located in front of the Green River is distinguished by its distinguished location near the Al Masa Hotel, and the wonderful exclusivity is about 10 minutes from the
  • Diplomatic Quarter, the Exhibition Grounds, and the Government District.
  • It is 11 km away from the regional ring road, while Ain Sokhna/Cairo Road and Al Amal Axis are about 20 km away.
  • The project is located 2 km from the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed and 7 km from the northern axis, making it an ideal residential center close to all vital services and facilities.
Duplex for sale in the curve new capital

Duplex for sale in the curve new capital

Duplex for sale in the curve new capital space

The Manhuna project represents an ideal choice for those looking for luxury, as it offers luxurious loft apartments with double roofs on the upper floors. These apartments have a private swimming pool and a private garden to provide the utmost comfort and luxury. The Manhuna Compound is characterized by various spaces to suit the needs of all customers, as there are different options. To choose from according to each person’s requirements. The spaces vary, suitable for those looking for a small apartment and even those who want a large apartment that contains all the amenities and luxury.

The spaces within the compound are as follows:

  • The residential units in the Al Muhanna project vary from one-bedroom apartments to 4-bedroom apartments, and the areas of these apartments vary starting from 103 square meters.
  • In addition, there are duplex apartments available in the project with areas starting from 287 square meters, some of which include a private garden.
Duplex for sale in the curve new capital

Duplex for sale in the curve new capital

Duplex for sale in the curve new capital services

If you are looking for a comfortable and distinguished stay, Al Mawqa Apartments  are the ideal choice for you. These apartments offer you a range of countless facilities and services, making them completely in line with the spirit of the compound. Staying in the curved apartments will not just be about sleeping and waking up, but rather it will be a luxurious life experience that suits your needs and provides you with an unparalleled level of comfort.Duplex for sale in the curve new capital

The most prominent services of the compound

  • The curved project is distinguished by providing a full-service commercial area alongside high-quality restaurants and cafes.
  • The apartments are surrounded by wonderful landscapes with a variety of swimming pools, landscaping, and green spaces.
  • There are 2 elevators in each building in the project. The project offers many swimming pools for children and adults.
  • The Social Sports Club provides the opportunity to practice various types of sports, while there are paths for walking, running, and cycling.
  • The area is characterized by secure garages distributed in residential and service areas, in addition to administrative and social buildings that provide excellent services to customers.
  • The project provides 24-hour security and guarding, in addition to a surveillance camera system.
  • The curved compound includes a clubhouse, a gym, and a playground area.
  • There is a main road without intersecting roads, along with 2 main gates to the compound.
  • Providing high-quality electrical generators to ensure rapid response to power outages.
  • The services of Al Mawna Compound  the capital include cleaning and maintenance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Duplex for sale in the curve new capital with the best various services.
Duplex for sale in the curve new capital

Duplex for sale in the curve new capital

Prices of Duplex for sale in the curve new capital

The housing units in Al-Munahni Compound in the New Administrative Capital are characterized by competitive prices that suit all customers. The compound consists of four areas connected to each other through green spaces. Thanks to this integrated design, customers can enjoy more privacy and relaxation in a safe and quiet environment. The prices of the residential units in the curved compound vary, making it suitable for different segments of society. Whether you are looking for luxury or economy, you will find the perfect home at prices that suit your budget. Duplex for sale in the curve new capital at the best competitive prices.

Payment and installment systems

Corner Stone Company gives you the opportunity to realize the dream of obtaining an apartment in one of the most prestigious projects in the New Administrative Capital, Al-Munqa, through flexible and diverse payment systems. You can now reserve your ideal apartment or purchase a commercial unit in Al-Munqa with payment methods that suit your financial capabilities and needs.Duplex for sale in the curve new capital

In cooperation with companies Financing, we offer you flexible and appropriate installment options that enable you to achieve a safe and profitable investment in Al-Munqah. Don’t miss the opportunity, book now your unit in Al-Munqah and benefit from the special offers on the various payment systems. Contact us today for more information on how to obtain your apartment or unit in curve in the easiest possible way.Duplex for sale in the curve new capital

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Duplex for sale in the curve new capital

Duplex for sale in the curve new capital

The company that owns the project and its most important work

Corner Stone Real Estate Development Company is considered one of the leading companies in its field, with a capital of approximately 600 million pounds. This company is led by Engineer Ashraf Boulos, who has extensive experience of more than 30 years in the real estate development market. Engineer Ashraf Boulos and his father have been working in this field since the seventies, which adds valuable and extensive experience to them.

In constructing the Curve Compound, Corner Stone relies on its cooperation with one of the largest consulting offices in the United States of America, where we choose the designs and plans necessary for this project. This major consulting partner was chosen with the aim of achieving the highest standards of quality and design in Al-Munqa Compound.

Thanks to their extensive experience and their partnership with a global consulting partner, Al-Munqa Compound seeks to provide a unique residential community that meets the needs of customers and is distinguished by quality and meticulous design. This compound reflects a futuristic vision of advanced urban life, and is an ideal choice for those looking for luxury and comfort in a modern and innovative urban environment.

The most important work carried out by the owner company

  • The engineer built a large number of compounds, residential towers, villas, and administrative buildings in Egypt.
  • He also implemented other projects in Cyprus. His work is distinguished by quality, innovation, and attention to the smallest details.
  • The engineer’s contribution was not limited to Egypt and Cyprus only, but rather continued to implement successful projects in other regions such as Ain Sokhna and New Alamein.
  • In these projects, the engineer focused on adopting the latest technologies and materials to ensure sustainability and high quality.
  • Thanks to his extensive experience and dedication to work, the engineer was able to build a strong reputation in the field of construction.
  • He is considered one of the most prominent figures in this field and enjoys the trust of many clients.
  • Duplex for sale in the curve new capital

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