Duplex for sale in ramatan compound new capital | 5 Amenities beyond expectations

Duplex for sale in ramatan compound new capital | 5 Amenities beyond expectations

Duplex for sale in ramatan compound One of the best residential projects in the region. This project was developed by El Naghi ECON Real Estate Development Company, one of the best real estate companies in Egypt. The company chose a strategic and distinguished location for this project, in addition to a modern design that gives the place a touch of luxury and distinction. The compound’s units are distinguished by their diversity and different sizes, which provides the ideal choice for everyone looking for upscale and comfortable housing in the New Administrative Capital. The units include distinguished facilities and services that provide residents with everything they need for a comfortable and distinctive life.

Duplex for sale in ramatan compound location

Ramattan Compound is distinguished by its strategic location in the most prestigious neighborhoods of the Administrative Capital, specifically in the R8 area, plot H1. The compound is located near the most important landmarks and main roads in the Administrative Capital, which makes it easy for you to move easily inside and outside the city. In its spirit of concern for the comfort of residents, El Naghi Company took care to ensure that the compound is close to all necessary services and facilities, in addition to the presence of integrated internal facilities within the compound itself. Thus, Ramattan Compound becomes an ideal choice for an integrated residential complex that meets all the needs and desires of the residents.

The most important places near the compound

  • Ramattan Compound is considered a privileged location in the Administrative Capital, as it is located on an axis parallel to the main street that connects the cathedral to the end of the capital.
  • It is surrounded by two main streets, which makes moving in and out of the capital easy and convenient.
  • It is distinguished by its proximity to a comprehensive services area that includes hospitals, schools, and institutes to serve apartment residents.
  • Ramatan also has a direct view of a 72-acre central park, providing a beautiful and peaceful landscape environment.
  • The Ramattan project is a short distance from the Diplomatic Quarter and the Government Quarter, which can be reached easily.
  • The compound is also close to many famous compounds in the capital, such as Sky Capital View, Residence 8, and The Curve, which adds to its attractiveness and value as a real estate investment.Duplex for sale in ramatan compound
Duplex for sale in ramatan compound

Duplex for sale in ramatan compound

Area of Ramattan Compound the Administrative Capital

Compound Ramatan New Capital was built on an area of 20 acres. The compound includes 24 residential buildings and 11 villas only, while the rest is allocated to services and facilities aimed at the comfort and luxury of the compound’s residents. The wide green spaces within the compound are characterized by a panoramic landscape design that provides tranquility and comfort for the residents.Duplex for sale in ramatan compound

The spaces within the compound are as follows:

  • The residential units within the compound are characterized by a variety of spaces, as apartment areas start from 145 square meters and reach 190 square meters.
  • Duplex for sale in ramatan compound in various sizes.

Services of Ramatan Compound the Administrative Capital

Ramatan New Capital Compound provides its customers with exceptional facilities and services that guarantee their comfort and luxury. These include hotel services, such as 24-hour housekeeping and central Wi-Fi to ensure the comfort of residents. In addition, Ramattan Compound is characterized by providing luxurious services and facilities similar to those available in Al Naghi Compound. When purchasing units for sale, customers receive many exclusive services that make them feel comfortable and reassured Duplex for sale in ramatan compound

Among the most prominent services of the compound are the following:

  • The Ramatan project is distinguished by its wonderful design, which includes a running and cycling track, in addition to a gym equipped with the latest equipment for the comfort of sports lovers.
  • All Ramatan units contain a private garage under each building, which contributes to avoiding crowding and saving space for residents.
  • Ramatan entrances add a touch of luxury and elegance, as they are designed with luxurious granite stones.
  • The project also features several swimming pools for use by adults and children, in addition to a designated area for children that includes all amenities and safety.
  • Al Naghi Compound provides high-quality maintenance services and distinguished hotel services for the comfort of residents.
  • Ramattan apartments also feature amazing views of the picturesque landscape and diverse landscape.
  • The commercial mall in the project includes a number of shops, clinics, administrative offices, pharmacies, banks and restaurants, to serve the population and meet their needs.
  • There is an insurance company in the project that provides the highest levels of safety and protection for all residents of the compound.
  • Duplex for sale in ramatan compound with the best various services.
  • The Al Naghi project features the Kids Area, which provides all the amenities and safety for children, making it an ideal place for families.
  • In addition, the compound provides high-quality maintenance services that ensure the continuity of safety and quality of buildings and facilities.
Duplex for sale in ramatan compound

Duplex for sale in ramatan compound

Duplex for sale in ramatan compound design

The Ramatan New Capital project is designed in a style that combines modernity and luxury suitable for its strategic location. With the efforts of Al-Naghi Company, this project brought a modern touch to architectural design, as it focused on providing luxurious hotel entrances made of granite, with a distinct internal division that includes a variety of villas and residential buildings with spaces that suit various needs. Each building in the project consists of 7 recurring floors.

Each floor includes only 4 apartments, providing residents with privacy and tranquility. With a total of 784 apartments, the project offers an integrated residential environment that meets the needs of many individuals and families in a style that combines luxury and comfort.Duplex for sale in ramatan compound

Duplex for sale in Ramattan Compound prices 

The New Administrative Capital is characterized by many residential projects that provide wonderful services and features to residents, and among these projects, Ramattan Compound stands out with its modern design and luxurious unit division. The services provided in the compound are varied and include everything residents need, including entertainment facilities and other services. This means that the compound offers the best value for money in the New Administrative Capital area. Duplex for sale in ramatan compound at competitive prices.

Duplex for sale in ramatan compound

Duplex for sale in ramatan compound

Payment and installment systems

Al-Naghi Company has launched flexible and diverse reservation systems in the Ramtan project in the Administrative Capital, to suit the needs of all customers wishing to invest in residential units in the New Capital. The residential units in the project are characterized by sophisticated design and luxurious services that guarantee you a comfortable and stable life. In addition, a variety of installment systems are available to suit all needs and budgets. Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of the flexible and convenient reservation offers in the Ramatan project. Book your unit now and enjoy luxury and comfort in an integrated urban environment that meets all your needs and future aspirations.

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Duplex for sale in ramatan compound

Duplex for sale in ramatan compound

The company that owns the project and its most important work

Al-Naghi Real Estate Company, ECON, and Al-Naghi Engineering Consulting Group implemented the Ramattan Compound in the New Administrative Capital. Al-Naghi Company has more than 12 years of experience in the field of real estate, and has proven its worth through the implementation of successful and huge projects.

Through its large and successful precedent, Ramattan Compound has become one of the distinctive projects in the Administrative Capital. This compound is distinguished by the quality of design and implementation, which reflects the company’s skill and professionalism in this field. The cooperation of Al-Naghi Real Estate Company ECON with Al-Naghi Engineering Consulting Group reflects a clear vision to provide distinguished and high-quality real estate projects. This partnership is considered one of the successful and fruitful partnerships that places the two companies in a leadership position in the real estate market.

The most important work carried out by the owner company

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  • Duplex for sale in ramatan compound

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