Duplex for sale in Floria 5 new capital | Indulge in the high life

Duplex for sale in Floria 5 new capital | Indulge in the high life
Duplex for sale in Entrada project
4 4 1 209 sqm m²
semi finished
Delivery date 2022
Duplex for sale in Entrada
2 3 1 176 sqm m²
semi finished
Delivery date 2022

Duplex for sale in Floria 5 new capital Four Seasons Real Estate Development Company’s projects are characterized by quality and innovation, and always aim to provide the best services and facilities to its customers. Florya 5 Compound is no exception. Florya 5 Compound is located in a strategic location in the eighth residential district, R8, which gives its residents easy access to the surrounding service areas and facilities. The project is also distinguished by its modern and elegant design that combines modernity and entertainment.

Duplex for sale in Floria 5 new capital location

Four Seasons Real Estate Development Company is keen to choose strategic locations for its projects, and this is what distinguishes it from other companies in the market. The company has succeeded in launching four successful projects in the Administrative Capital, where vital and distinctive locations have been identified for each project. Four Seasons Company’s interest in project locations is an essential part of its real estate strategy, as the company devotes significant time and effort to selecting locations that provide ease of access and trade, and allow… Investment opportunities for clients.Duplex for sale in Floria 5 new capital

The most important places near the compound

  • It is 10 minutes away from the most important neighborhoods of the capital, which are the Embassy District and the Government District.
  • It is only 20 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital Airport.
  • The largest green park in the Middle East, the Green River, can be reached in a few minutes.
  • Florya Compound provides easy access to the famous Al Masa Hotel in the Administrative Capital.
  • It is also located near the most important axis, which is the Bin Zayed Southern Axis.
Duplex for sale in Floria 5 new capital

Duplex for sale in Floria 5 new capital

Area of Floria 5 Compound Administrative Capital

Duplex for sale in Floria 5 new capital is distinguished by its prime location in the heart of the Eighth District, as it extends over an area of 23 acres. This space was carefully divided by the company to provide an ideal environment for residents. Only 20% of the compound’s area was allocated to buildings and residential units, while 80% of the total area was allocated to services, green spaces, facilities, and water bodies. Thanks to its balanced distribution between residential units and green spaces, the compound provides Florya has a comfortable and healthy environment for residents, making it an ideal choice for living and investment.

The spaces within the compound are as follows:

  • Duplex for sale in Florya offers 5 diverse residential unit spaces to suit the needs of every family. The units’ area ranges between 115 square meters and 300 square meters.

Services of Floria 5 Compound the Administrative Capital

Four Seasons Company, proud of its extensive experience in the field of real estate, is fully aware of the importance of providing high-end services and facilities in any real estate project. These elements are considered essential for the distinction and success of any residential complex, and they are what raise the quality of the residents’ living experience. Four Seasons is keen to provide the finest services and various facilities in the Floria Administrative Capital Compound project, with the aim of providing an ideal lifestyle and a luxurious living experience for the residents.

The most prominent services within the compound:

  • A security and guarding team has been allocated to protect the Florya Capital Compound from any intruders. This team works to protect the property assets and building facilities and carefully monitor the site to ensure safety and security for all residents.
  • Surveillance cameras are located inside the compound and operate 24 hours a day to provide protection. They can be used in emergency situations thanks to their ability to record audio and video footage.
  • There is a private garage for each building within Florya, the capital, equipped with surveillance cameras to secure and protect cars.
  • Duplex for sale in Floria 5 new capital  includes many shops that include the most famous international brands, providing a unique shopping experience for residents.
  • Residents can enjoy a dining experience in restaurants within the compound that offer different types of food prepared by professional chefs.
  • The cafés and cafés in Florya 5, the New Capital, provide a quiet environment to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee with soothing music.
  • Florya 5, the capital, includes 24-hour pharmacies that provide various types of medicines and provide medical services around the clock.
  • The compound has a huge hypermarket that provides all the needs of residents’ daily lives.
  • The Four Seasons project in New Cairo features a health club that provides comprehensive medical services.
  • Florya 5, the capital, includes an integrated medical center that includes all medical specialties and is characterized by quickly dealing with emergency cases.
  • Cinemas, theaters and concert halls in Duplex for sale in Floria 5 new capital provide a diverse entertainment experience for residents.
  • High-speed internet is available to meet the needs of residents at Four Seasons New Cairo.
  • The maintenance team works around the clock to fix any problems that occur in the residential units.
  • The mosque in Florya 5, the capital, was designed in a modern Islamic style to provide a suitable environment for prayer.
  • There is a cultural club in Florya 5, the capital, that provides many recreational activities.
  • The display screens inside Florya 5 Capital provide the opportunity to display advertisements and advertisements in an effective manner.
Duplex for sale in Floria 5 new capital

Duplex for sale in Floria 5 new capital

Duplex for sale in Floria 5 the administrative capital prices

Four Seasons Real Estate Development Company is one of the companies that pays great attention to studying the real estate market on a permanent basis. It always seeks to fulfill customers’ desires by providing luxury residential units characterized by unique features and competitive prices. The company has made it its main goal to provide all the services necessary to ensure customer satisfaction.Duplex for sale in Floria 5 new capital |

Thanks to its great interest in meeting the needs of the real estate market, Four Seasons is able to provide residential units characterized by luxury and high quality, at competitive prices and compared to the services provided by the company. The company works seriously and diligently to achieve customers’ vision and fully meet their expectations.Duplex for sale in Floria 5 new capital at the best competitive prices.

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Duplex for sale in Floria 5 new capital

Duplex for sale in Floria 5 new capital

Payment and installment systems

Florya 5 Compound is considered one of the most prominent projects implemented by Four Seasons, which is characterized by many important features. One of the most notable things about this compound is the payment systems that the company offered to customers. Four Seasons offers a variety of installment systems, which facilitate the process of choosing the most appropriate system for each customer according to his needs and financial possibilities.

Thanks to these various systems, customers can choose the item that suits them perfectly, and then pay for the property in a convenient and convenient way. This step reflects Four Seasons’ commitment to providing the best service to its customers and building strong and lasting relationships with them. Duplex for sale in Floria 5 new capital with the best easy payment systems.Duplex for sale in Floria 5 new capital |

Duplex for sale in Floria 5 new capital

Duplex for sale in Floria 5 new capital

The company that owns the project and its most important work

Four Season Group Development is a leading Egyptian company in the real estate market. The company has entered into a major alliance with Arkrete Group, a consulting company, where it designed 22 projects in the Down Town area, in addition to two projects in the Mu23 area and two projects in the Financial and Business District area. The company also carried out some executive work that is currently taking place in the Administrative Capital.

By implementing many successful projects in vital areas such as Down Town, Mu23, and the Financial and Business District, Four Seasons has proven its ability to achieve excellence and innovation in the real estate industry. The company always seeks to provide the best to its customers and enrich the real estate market with innovative and sustainable projects.

The most important work carried out by the owner company

  • 40 buildings in Hadayek Al-Ahram.
  • 10 buildings in Obour.
  • 5 buildings in the Fifth Settlement.
  • 3 buildings in 6th of October City.
  • Duplex for sale in Floria 5 new capital

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