Duplex for sale in Entrada new capital | 4 reasons that make it a desirable residential destination

Duplex for sale in Entrada new capital | 4 reasons that make it a desirable residential destination
Duplex for sale in Entrada
2 3 1 176 sqm m²
semi finished
Delivery date 2022
Duplex for sale in Entrada project
4 4 1 209 sqm m²
semi finished
Delivery date 2022

Duplex for sale in Entrada new capital It is the latest project of Sorouh Real Estate Development Company, and is considered an ideal choice for those seeking to experience an upscale life in a distinguished environment. The project is distinguished by its distinguished location in the heart of the New Administrative Capital. It was built with investments exceeding three billion Egyptian pounds, which reflects quality and excellence in design and implementation.

It is characterized by an innovative architectural design that combines originality and modernity, providing residents with a comfortable and luxurious environment to live and enjoy. The project includes a variety of carefully designed residential units, including apartments and villas, while providing all the amenities and services that residents need.

Duplex for sale in Entrada new capital location

Among the most prominent features that distinguish Entrada Compound is its strategic location in the heart of the Administrative Capital. This choice reflects the company’s precision in selecting project locations, as it pays great attention to ensuring easy access to all daily services. This strategic location of the project provides an invaluable advantage, as residents enjoy easy access to basic facilities and necessary services, making their lives more comfortable and smooth. This distinguished location gives Entrada Compound a unique appeal, and reflects the constant interest in providing an integrated residential environment that perfectly meets the needs of residents.

Duplex for sale in Entrada new capital

Duplex for sale in Entrada new capital

The most important places near the compound

  • It is distinguished by its privileged location, which is only five minutes away from important landmarks such as the Green River, the Cathedral of the Birth of Christ, and Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque.
  • Entrada New Capital has easy access to other important places, as it is only fifteen minutes away from the Administrative Capital International Airport, the Presidential Palace and the financial and business district.
  • It provides easy access to New Cairo and the Settlement, as it is located only about twenty minutes from those areas.
  • Duplex for sale in Entrada new capital in an important strategic location.

Area of Entrada Compound Administrative Capital

The Entrada project in the Administrative Capital is distinguished by its vast area, which was built with great care by the developer company. This project shows an ideal investment of space, as 80% of the total area of the project has been allocated to green spaces and artificial lakes surrounding all parts of the Entrada Capital Compound. These lakes and green spaces blend beautifully and harmoniously, adding a unique appeal and atmosphere to the entire project.

The spaces within the compound are as follows:

  • Apartments range in size from 128 square meters to 220 square meters, providing comfortable and diverse spaces for residents.
  • It provides areas ranging from 225 square meters to 290 square meters, which embodies beauty and luxury in design while providing the additional space that residents may need to meet their unique needs.
  • Its area ranges from 200 square meters to 350 square metres, allowing residents to enjoy abundant indoor and outdoor spaces, while maintaining privacy and comfort.
  • Duplex for sale in Entrada new capital with the best and various spaces.
Duplex for sale in Entrada new capital

Duplex for sale in Entrada new capital

Duplex for sale in Entrada new capital services

With a renewed interest in enhancing the quality of life within the Entrada Compound in the New Administrative Capital, we seek to provide an ideal environment that achieves comfort and enjoyment for the residents, and saves them time and effort. The project is distinguished by providing a comprehensive range of basic and recreational services, which fully meets the residents’ needs without the need to go outside the boundaries of the compound.

Among the services provided by the project, which are considered essential to improving the quality of life within it, we find:

  • The Entrada Compound project is characterized by wide green spaces extending over its entire area, giving residents a feeling of calm and relaxation in a natural environment full of beauty and colors.
  • The project’s beauty and elegance are added by the presence of swimming pools of various shapes and sizes distributed in a balanced manner throughout the project, giving residents the opportunity to enjoy enjoyable times and recreational activities.
  • 24-hour security and guarding provide the project’s residents with peace of mind and reassurance, while providing private parking to meet the needs of residents and their guests.
  • The public area includes beautiful gardens, walking paths, fountains and artificial lakes that enhance the attractiveness of the place and give it a unique character.
  • It also includes an international area for cafes and restaurants, where residents can enjoy unique dining experiences.
  • The project has commercial areas that include the most famous local and international brands, providing residents with a unique and diverse shopping experience.
  • It also includes a social club and safe tracks for cycling, walking and running.
  • The project provides a gym and spa equipped with the latest international equipment for the comfort and relaxation of residents.
  • There are also spacious areas designated for barbecues and private parties, where residents can gather and enjoy enjoyable times with their friends and loved ones.
  • The project features safe and quiet areas designated for children to sit and play amid the green spaces, providing an ideal environment for families to enjoy their time together in an atmosphere of calm and peace.Duplex for sale in Entrada new capital

Duplex for sale in Entrada new capital prices

The developer company now offers a package of exceptional competitive prices to attract new investors to the Entranda Compound in the New Administrative Capital. This package was carefully designed to meet the needs of the investment community and provide an attractive opportunity to obtain high-quality residential units at attractive prices. Thanks to this distinctive package, investors can benefit from a distinguished investment opportunity and obtain a rewarding investment return, in addition to enjoying many high-level facilities and services that… Provided by Entrada Compound. So, now is the perfect time to take advantage of this unique opportunity and join our distinguished community in Entrada Compound.

Duplex for sale in Entrada new capital

Duplex for sale in Entrada new capital

Payment and installment systems

Sorouh Real Estate Company, the developer of the Entrada project in the New Administrative Capital, offers a variety of installment and payment systems, allowing customers the opportunity to obtain residential units within the compound easily and conveniently. Among these available options, this step reflects the vision of Sorouh Real Estate Company in empowering customers and facilitating access to distinctive properties.Duplex for sale in Entrada new capital

By offering flexible payment options that suit their financial and personal needs. Installments over a long period of time, with a reasonable down payment, reflect the interest in providing a sustainable financial environment for customers, which contributes to enhancing financial stability and psychological comfort for them during the repayment period. Duplex for sale in Entrada new capital with the best easy payment systems.

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Duplex for sale in Entrada new capital

Duplex for sale in Entrada new capital

The company that owns the project and its most important work

Sorouh Real Estate Investment Company is the entity responsible for the Entrada project, and is considered among the leading companies in the field of real estate. The company was established in 2007, and since then, it has implemented many successful projects that added to its reputation and name in the Egyptian real estate market.

Sorouh Real Estate Company’s performance is characterized by great attention to the comfort of its customers. The company always puts customers’ needs first, and strives to provide all the services and facilities they need. Thanks to this commitment, residents of the company’s residential projects enjoy the comfort and privacy they crave.

The most important work carried out by the owner company

  • Citadel Mall, New Administrative Capital.
  • Entrada New Administrative Capital.
  • A group of towers in Maadi.
  • It implemented 360 buildings and villas in the Fifth Settlement.
  • Duplex for sale in Entrada new capital

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