Duplex for sale in El Bosco | 7 features that shape the future

Duplex for sale in El Bosco | 7 features that shape the future

Duplex for sale in El Bosco Misr Italia Company decided to continue its success in the New Administrative Capital, so it presented to us an icon of distinction and sophistication with designs that rival high-end European designs. It was interested in creating for us an integrated city in all aspects and not just a residential compound. Bosco Compound is characterized by a well-designed environment and precise landscaping. The real estate developer focused on creating beautiful gardens, parks, and green spaces throughout the compound.

Duplex for sale in El Bosco location

Because choosing an important and strategic location is one of the most important reasons for the success of any residential project, Misr Italia Real Estate Development Company took care to choose a location close to the most important vital places, adjacent to all the important main axes, very close to service places, government departments, and banks, in addition to the entertainment places that provide all the residents of the compound with everything they need. They need it, and there is a duplex for sale in El Bosco, the administrative capital, in a distinctive strategic location.

The most important places near the compound

  • It is located directly on Bin Zayed Axis, which facilitates transportation to and from it
  • It has a direct view of the largest park in the world, the Green River.
  • It is located next to the diplomatic quarter and the fairgrounds.
  • 30 minutes to Cairo International Airport.
  • A short distance between it and New Cairo.
Duplex for sale in El Bosco

Duplex for sale in El Bosco

Services of the Bosco Compound the Administrative Capital

The owner company has provided a number of exceptional basic and recreational services that distinguish it from other compounds to live in an integrated compound with all aspects of life that provide residents with an easy and enjoyable living experience. The most important of these services are the following:

  • Residential compounds prioritize security and may provide 24/7 security personnel, gated entrances, surveillance cameras, and secure perimeters to ensure the safety and well-being of residents.
  • Maintenance services are available within the compound to deal with repairs and maintenance of areas, facilities, and infrastructure, such as electricity, water, and gas within the compound.
  • Dedicated staff to maintain landscapes, gardens and green areas, ensuring they remain blooming and aesthetically pleasing.
  • A fitness center is equipped with modern exercise equipment and perhaps even personal trainers to assist residents with their fitness routine.
  • The compound contains a swimming pool or multiple swimming pools for residents to enjoy during their free time.
  • Sports facilities such as tennis courts, basketball courts or football fields to promote an active lifestyle.
  • Entertainment areas for children. The complex may contain play areas and playgrounds designated for children’s entertainment.
  • Restaurants and cafes at the highest level provide the most delicious food and drinks without having to leave the compound.
  • Close to medical clinics or first aid centers for minor health concerns or emergencies.
  • The compound is close to nurseries, day care centers, international schools, and international universities.
  • A large garage that can accommodate a large number of cars to prevent overcrowding and congestion inside the compound and to maintain the appearance of the compound.
  • Wi-Fi service is spread throughout the compound to ensure constant communication and enjoy the best times on social media.
  • Duplex for sale in El Bosco with the best services and distinctive views.
  • Swimming pools of various shapes and sizes suitable for all age groups

Area of Duplex for sale in El Bosco

Misr Italia Company offered the compound on a large area of 200 acres, which was the reason for the diversity of spaces, and it contains many units that give all customers their different preferences. The company also paid great attention to designing the compound with the finest designs, with the spread of wide green spaces that give the compound a sophisticated appearance. The largest area of the compound was allocated to green spaces, and the smaller part was allocated to buildings.

  • A two-room apartment starts from 126 square meters and reaches 137 square meters.
  • 3-bedroom apartments start from 144 square meters and reach 154 square meters.
  • Luxury 3-room apartments start from 182 square meters and reach 192 square meters.
  • Apartment areas start from 126 square meters and reach 194 square metres.
  • Twin houses start from 254 square meters and reach 290 square meters.
  • Penthouses for sale start from 273 square meters and reach 327 square meters.
  • The area of the villas starts from 382 square meters and reaches 530 square meters.
  • Duplex for sale in El Bosco of various sizes.
Duplex for sale in El Bosco

Duplex for sale in El Bosco

Design of Duplex for sale in El Bosco

The compound is characterized by a mix of architectural styles, combining modern elements with traditional or contemporary influences. The buildings within the complex may have different heights, facades, and designs to create visual interest and diversity. The design may prioritize the inclusion of spacious spaces and diverse facilities to promote an active and upscale community. It may include: These include parks, playgrounds, sports facilities and recreational areas where residents can enjoy and socialise.

Prices of the Bosco Compound the Administrative Capital

Misr Italia Real Estate Development Company has confirmed that the prices within the Bosco Compound are competitive and distinctive, as the prices are highly compatible with the features and services developed by Misr Italia Real Estate Development Company, which guarantees you the comfort of owning the appropriate unit for you and your family. There is a Duplex for sale in El Bosco.

Duplex for sale in El Bosco

Duplex for sale in El Bosco

Payment and installment systems

The real estate developer offers different installment plans to make purchasing real estate affordable for buyers. These plans may include distributing payments over a long period and may include down payments, monthly or quarterly installments, etc. Specific details can be provided for flexible installment payment systems. There is Duplex for sale in El Bosco with a flexible installment system.

The company that owns the project

Misr Italia Real Estate is a prominent real estate development company in Egypt. Misr Italia was established in 1998 and has gained a strong reputation for providing high-quality residential, commercial and mixed-use projects. Misr Italia Real Estate aims to create innovative and sustainable development projects that contribute to the growth and improvement of the real estate sector in Egypt. The company is focused on delivering exceptional quality, customer satisfaction and long-term value to its customers.

Misr Italia Real Estate Company places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and aims to exceed its customers’ expectations. The company strives to provide excellent customer service throughout the purchasing process and beyond, ensuring a positive experience for unit owners. The company carefully selects key locations for its projects, ensuring easy access to services. Basic transportation networks, educational institutions and commercial centers. They aim to create integrated communities that provide residents with a comprehensive living experience.

The most important work carried out by the owner company

  • Villas in Bosco Compound, New Administrative Capital
  • El Bosco City Compound, Mostaqbal City, New Cairo.
  • Vinci Compound, New Administrative Capital.
  • Kai Village in Ain Sokhna.
  • Musa Coast Ras Sidr.
  • Sila mega project in New Cairo.
  • Kai Resort, located on the North Coast
  • Lanova Vista Mall, located in Fifth Settlement.
  • Cairo Business Park Compound.
  • Vinci Mall in the New Capital.
  • Duplex for sale in El Bosco the new administrative capital.

Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the second half of 2023, so they are subject to change. We at Masharef Real Estate are keen to update the spaces, price and type of listings for both residential and commercial units to keep. Informing clients about the real estate market.

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