Duplex for sale in de joya 3 new capital | Elevate your lifestyle

Duplex for sale in de joya 3 new capital | Elevate your lifestyle

Duplex for sale in de joya 3 Pointers has a reputation as one of the best options for lovers of luxury and privacy. This all-inclusive compound stands out in order to achieve a unique experience for everyone. Thanks to its modern, contemporary design, De Joya 3 offers a new destination for upscale living in a safe environment for transportation. The compound’s affiliation with Taj Misr Real Estate Development Company adds a sense of confidence and assurance to investors and residents alike.

Duplex for sale in de joya 3 location

De Joya 3 Compound is distinguished by its prime location in the 7th District R7 in the New Administrative Capital, exactly on plot E1. This location is considered among the best and most prestigious areas within the New Administrative Capital, due to its unique vitality and wide spread. The compound features a variety of services available within it, making it an ideal destination for housing and investment in this developed part of Egypt.Duplex for sale in de joya 3

The most important places near the compound

  • The “De Joya 3” project in the Administrative Capital is distinguished by its distinguished location, as it is located near the presidential district and the ministries area.
  • It is easily accessible via the ring road, as it is a few minutes away from the ring road, making it a central station and suitable for living and investment.
  • The location of the “De Joya 3” compound in the Administrative Capital enhances its proximity to the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed axis, which connects Cairo to the new cities, which
  • provides easy access to the region and increases its attractiveness for investors and residents alike.
  • In addition, “De Joya 3” is distinguished by its proximity to the Diplomatic Quarter and the Land of the Sun, and is only a few steps away from the Muroor District, making it an ideal center for living next to the main facilities in the capital.
  • The aesthetics of the site add a wonderful view of the Green River, which enhances the attractiveness of the residential units and provides a comfortable and distinctive environment for residents.
  • Finally, the “De Joya 3” project is close to the City of Arts and the Medical City in the capital, which adds to its value and makes it a distinctive investment and residential location in New Cairo.
Duplex for sale in de joya 3 new capital

Duplex for sale in de joya 3 new capital

Design of De Joya 3 Compound Administrative Capital

Duplex for sale in de joya 3 t that was designed with the utmost care to serve as a unique real estate masterpiece in one of the most prestigious strategic locations in the Administrative Capital. The project offers an unparalleled residential experience characterized by comfort and excellence in every detail. The huge area occupied by the project is characterized by its clever and craftsmanship distribution, providing a lively and comfortable environment for the residents.

In addition, De Joya 3 provides all the modern amenities residents need, from luxurious social facilities to refreshing green spaces and diverse entertainment areas. Every part of the project has been meticulously designed to ensure the highest levels of comfort and quality for residents. Duplex for sale in De Joya 3

Area of De Joya Compound 3

The development plan for the DeGioia 3 Capital project, carried out by Taj Misr, included a wide variety of residential units, with the aim of meeting the needs of different clients regarding design and spaces. The company was keen to provide a variety of units to ensure the availability of options that meet the requirements and choices of each customer. The units in the project were designed with great care to provide a distinctive residential experience, as an approach that combined comfort and elegance was adopted. Each unit features a unique style and precise details that reflect a keen interest in achieving the highest levels of quality and modern design.

The spaces within the compound are as follows:

  • Two-bedroom units are available in sizes ranging from 110 to 122 square metres, providing multiple options for small families or individuals.
  • The 3-bedroom apartments range in size from 137 to 190 square metres, providing more space for larger families looking to rest and enjoy the extra space.
  • 4-bedroom apartments are available, with areas starting from 204 square meters and up to 217 square metres, making them an ideal choice for large families or those who like to enjoy spacious spaces.
  • Finally, the penthouse units provide a luxurious residential experience, with areas ranging from 179 to 366 square metres, making them the ideal choice for those looking for more privacy and luxury in their residential spaces.
  • Duplex for sale in de joya 3 of various sizes
Duplex for sale in de joya 3 new capital

Duplex for sale in de joya 3 new capital

Duplex services for sale in De Joya 3

Duplex for sale in de joya 3 features a wide range of distinctive services that meet the needs of residents in a comprehensive and comfortable manner. The compound includes a range of various services that make it an integrated community ideal for living and enjoying.

Available services include:

  • Recreation and entertainment facilities: The project includes a group of recreational areas designated for children and adults alike, including green areas, parks, and running paths, to provide a suitable environment for entertainment and relaxation.
  • Security and Protection: De Joya 3 provides an advanced security system that ensures the safety and security of all its residents, through the use of the latest technology and 24-hour surveillance cameras.
  • Sports facilities: The development has a variety of high-quality sports facilities, including gyms, tennis courts and swimming pools, to encourage physical activity and fitness among residents.
  • Commercial and Commercial Services: The project provides a variety of shops, restaurants, and cafes to meet residents’ daily needs and provide an integrated shopping and entertainment environment within the compound.
  • Green Environment: De Joya 3 is concerned with the environment and sustainability, as the project contains various green areas and parks that contribute to improving air quality and enhancing nature in the area.Duplex for sale in de joya 3

Duplex for sale in de joya 3 prices

Taj Misr Real Estate Development Company not only provided the previous advantages mentioned, but also seriously sought to provide the maximum possible luxury and comfort in the De Joya 3 project, making it one of the best residential projects in the capital. This project includes a variety of features that ensure comfort and luxury for residents. These prices are remarkably distinct from the rest of the offers available in the Administrative Capital.

Comparing these prices with the services provided by De Joya 3 makes it the ideal choice for customers looking for the best services at competitive prices. By providing a wide range of options, De Joya 3 seeks to meet the needs of different customers with flexibility and high quality.

Duplex for sale in de joya 3 new capital

Duplex for sale in de joya 3 new capital

Payment and installment systems

Taj Misr Company, which owns the De Joya 3 New Capital project, pays great attention to facilitating payment and repayment processes, to suit all categories of investors and clients. Payment systems have been carefully designed to provide the utmost convenience, as you can now book and contract with a deposit starting from only 5%. With equal installments, it guarantees you financial stability and ease of financial planning in the long term. This move is part of our ongoing efforts to make the experience of investing and living in the De Joya 3 New Capital project unparalleled in terms of ease and financial comfort.Duplex for sale in de joya 3

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Duplex for sale in de joya 3

Duplex for sale in de joya 3

The company that owns the project and its most important work

Taj Misr Real Estate Development Company is considered the pioneer and owner of the De Joya 3 Compound project in the Administrative Capital, and it is a company with extensive experience in the field of real estate spanning more than 15 years. The company was established in 2006, and since then, it has succeeded in establishing its position as one of the most prominent real estate companies in Egypt and globally.Duplex for sale in de joya 3

Taj Misr has a proven track record of successful projects around the world, which reflects its commitment to quality and innovation in every project it undertakes. Thanks to a specialized and distinguished work team, the company is able to successfully achieve its vision and goals. Through the diversification of its projects and the expansion of its scope of work, Taj Misr Company strengthens its position as a reliable and innovative partner in the world of real estate, and always strives to achieve customer satisfaction and meet their needs in a superior manner.

The most important work carried out by the owner company

  • De Joya Compound, Administrative Capital 1
  • De Joya Capital Project 2
  • De Joya Strip Mall project
  • Ezdan Mall project in the Administrative Capital
  • Cooling complex in south Cairo.
  • Duplex for sale in De Joya 3

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