Duplex for sale in de joya 2 new capital | A new standard of excellence

Duplex for sale in de joya 2 new capital | A new standard of excellence

Duplex for sale in De Joya 2, the New Administrative Capital, is Taj Misr’s latest project in the New Administrative Capital, as the company chose to implement it in a strategic location within the R8 district, which is one of the main areas in the capital. The De Joya 2 project is considered a haven for quiet and upscale living in the heart of nature, It is characterized by an abundance of green spaces that create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation.

Duplex for sale in de joya 2 new capital location

Duplex for sale in de joya 2 was successfully implemented by the executing company in the most prestigious areas of the eighth residential district R8, specifically in Block I5. The project is distinguished by its prime location overlooking the tourist promenade, providing residents with a wonderful and distinctive view. In addition, the project enjoys a strategic location as it is located on two main streets with a width of 80 meters, which makes it convenient for quick and easy access to the area and gives it an exceptional character and ease of transportation.

The most important places near the compound

  • The compound, with all its elegance and attractiveness, is close to the Bin Zayed Axis, offering only a short space separating it from this vital axis.
  • The compound also enjoys a prime location close to the Green River, which adds a charming atmosphere to the area and provides stunning views of the residential units.
  • The compound is strategically located close to the diplomatic area, making it an ideal choice for residents looking for a prestigious and distinguished housing experience.
  • It is a 30-minute drive from the New Capital Airport, ensuring comfort and ease of transportation for residents.
  • It is close to the Opera House, Fairgrounds, and Cathedral, ensuring residents can enjoy diverse cultural and entertainment experiences just 10 minutes away.
Duplex for sale in de joya 2

Duplex for sale in de joya 2

area of De Joya 2 Compound Administrative Capital

Taj Misr Development puts the quality of customer experience at the top of its concerns, as it strives to meet the diverse needs and tastes of customers. The company has a variety of residential units, ensuring customers a unique and distinctive residential experience. Taj Misr Development offers a variety of residential apartments, characterized by charming and picturesque views of green spaces and bodies of water, providing residents with a refreshing and comfortable atmosphere. These apartments have modern designs and high-quality facilities, ensuring customers comfort and luxury.

The spaces within the compound are as follows:

  • Studio and bedroom units are available in sizes starting from 70 square metres, making them the ideal choice for individuals looking for flexibility and comfort at the same time.
  • It offers residential apartments with areas ranging from 110 to 128 square metres, with a choice of two bedrooms, providing a comfortable environment for small families.
  • For those looking for more luxury and space, three-bedroom apartments are available with areas starting from 139 square meters and up to 190 square metres, providing enough space to enjoy times of relaxation and entertainment.
  • Gorgeous four-bedroom apartments can be found, with spaces starting from 210 and up to 230 square metres, providing a luxurious and comfortable environment for large families.
  • In addition, those looking for spacious spaces can enjoy duplex apartments starting with an area of 290 square metres, providing a unique and luxurious residential experience.
    Duplex available for sale in De Joya 2 with various sizes.

Duplex for sale in De Joya 2 services

Duplex for sale in De Joya 2 is considered a unique destination that provides luxurious facilities and various services that give residents’ lives a touch of luxury and relaxation. The green spaces and charming landscapes embody the essence of this project, which is considered an ideal haven for those seeking to live in a calm and refreshing environment.Duplex for sale in de joya 2

The most prominent services of Duplex for sale in de joya 2

  • Duplex for sale in De Joya 2 features a range of wonderful facilities that ensure an exceptional customer experience.
  • The project includes unique aquariums that provide distinctive views, with spacious green spaces that include a beautiful landscape.
  • Special tracks have also been designed for sports such as jogging and walking, in addition to dedicated paths for cycling.
  • In addition, De Joya 2 Compound has 3 indoor swimming pools to enhance the feeling of luxury and relaxation.
  • To provide the utmost comfort, Taj Misr Company provided a roof garden on the top of the buildings.
  • The project’s services included a mall that provides a variety of services, including commercial, administrative, and medical units.
  • To provide more comfort, De Joya 2 Compound provides a garage and private parking for residents under all residential units.
  • There are also sports facilities such as a gym and a gym equipped with the latest equipment.
  • In addition, the developer provides a jacuzzi, sauna, and spa to enhance the upscale experience for residents.
  • The project includes an Open Clubhouse in addition to an Outdoor Cinema to provide enjoyable outdoor entertainment times.
  • The compound also provides a range of basic services such as a pharmacy, nursery, and international schools.
  • The fountains and water bodies inside De Joya 2 New Capital add an aesthetic touch to the environment, providing a wonderful view for all residents.
Duplex for sale in de joya 2

Duplex for sale in de joya 2

Prices of De Joya Compound the administrative capital

Taj Misr Real Estate Company provided special prices and payment facilities to customers, making it easier for them to acquire a residential unit in the DeGioia 2 complex in the New Administrative Capital. The prices stand out as being considered very ideal compared to the level of luxury and comfort that the project provides to residents within it. Thanks to these facilities and easy prices, customers have a real opportunity to achieve the dream of stability and live in an environment that enjoys comfort and luxury, without having to bear heavy financial burdens. These offers reflect Taj Misr’s endeavor to meet market needs and provide suitable housing opportunities for customers at affordable prices.

Payment and installment systems

Taj Misr Development Company offers an easy facilities system for paying residential units in Duplex for sale in de joya 2. You can now choose between several options, as you can pay a small amount as a down payment and complete final installments for a period of up to 12 years. These key directions are for customers to choose a system that suits their needs and budgets appropriately and conveniently. Therefore, Taj Misr Development Company becomes the light and flexibility of them, which enables them to enter the world of real estate easily and conveniently. Duplex for sale in de joya 2 with easy payment systems and the longest possible downtime.

Duplex for sale in de joya 2

Duplex for sale in de joya 2

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The company that owns the project and its most important work

Taj Misr Real Estate Company, the developer of the De Joya 2 Compound project in the New Administrative Capital, is considered among the leading companies in the field of real estate development in Egypt. This is the fourth project that the company is implementing within the New Capital, after achieving tremendous success through its previous projects.

Taj Misr Company was established in 2006, and is part of the Egyptian International Construction Group, which has a distinguished and extensive history in the real estate market within Egypt and the Arab world. The company has a good reputation based on accuracy and high efficiency in implementing and delivering its projects, as it places customer satisfaction at the top of its priorities.

The most important work carried out by the owner company

  • Ezdan Mall, New Administrative Capital.
  • De Joya Compound, New Administrative Capital.
  • De Joya Strip Mall, New Administrative Capital.
  • Duplex for sale in de joya 2 new capital

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