Duplex for sale in Celia new capital | 5 basic information

Duplex for sale in Celia new capital | 5 basic information

Duplex for sale in Celia new capital The “Celia Administrative Capital” project is a luxury residential complex, implemented by Talaat Mostafa Real Estate Group, which always enjoys the trust of customers in Egypt. The projects of this group are characterized by a high level of services, unique designs, and thoughtful divisions, with the aim of providing maximum comfort and luxury.

Duplex for sale in Celia new capital

From its distinguished location in the Administrative Capital, Celia Compound provides easy access to various areas of Cairo and the neighboring new cities. Celia Talaat Mostafa Compound is ideal for those who want to enjoy urban life without being too far from the main facilities.

The most important places near the compound

  • Nearby are Badr City and Cairo, which can be easily reached by driving just a few minutes.
  • It is also easily accessible from Cairo International Airport and Fifth Settlement, major centers in New Cairo.
  • For those who prefer to enjoy the sea atmosphere, Celia Talaat Mostafa Compound is only 60 minutes away from Ain Sokhna.
Duplex for sale in Celia new capital

Duplex for sale in Celia new capital

The area of Celia Compound the administrative capital

Duplex for sale in Celia new capitalstands out for its wide variety of real estate units available for sale, as these units vary in their areas, nature, and views, giving buyers a wide range of options to meet their personal needs and preferences. Those interested in living in a peaceful and nature-filled environment can choose from units with stunning views of green spaces and stunning landscapes.Duplex for sale in Celia new capital

The spaces come within the compound

  • Apartments for sale in Celia Compound, the Administrative Capital, on the eastern side of Celia Talaat Mostafa Compound, with areas starting from 77 square meters and up to 125 square meters.
  • Twin houses of different sizes and distinctive views for sale, starting from 259 to 341 square meters.
  • Independent villas for sale on the western side, with areas starting from 190 square meters.

Services of Celia Compound the Administrative Capital

Duplex for sale in Celia new capital is proud to be an architectural masterpiece that reflects beauty and technological development at the same time, making it the focus of everyone’s attention. The use of the latest technologies in construction and design has added a unique character to this project, making it a great example of how technology can be integrated into the real estate field in an innovative and effective manner.Duplex for sale in Celia new capital

The most prominent services within the compound

  • In Duplex for sale in Celia new capital the spirit of safety and security is evident in an unparalleled way. The security system works with the latest technologies, as it supervises the monitoring of places using closed circuit television, in addition to the Key-card System, in order to provide the utmost levels of protection and comfort.
  • If you are a sports fan, you will find everything you need in the sports club available inside Celia. The club includes a variety of fields for various sports, including fields for football, basketball, tennis, squash, and many other games.
  • The housing units in Celia embody an exceptional experience in the world of luxury, as each unit is equipped with the Smart Home System, a modern technology that enables you to control
  • your home with ease via an application on your mobile phone.
  • Don’t miss the wonderful shopping experience at The Village, the huge commercial and entertainment center that is considered a vital point in Silea. The center includes a variety of shops, including the most famous international and local brands, in addition to a group of restaurants and cafes with high-end service.
  • Celia provides a distinguished educational environment, as there is an international school within the compound, providing educational services at the highest level, which eliminates the need to leave the compound to obtain education.
  • As for your health, Celia includes a global medical facility, which includes a wide range of medical clinics in various specialties, equipped with the latest medical devices to provide their
  • around the clock, in addition to providing emergency services.
  • Celia has a group of pharmacies spread throughout the compound, providing treatment services around the clock, in addition to providing all necessary medical supplies.
  • Finally, Celia includes an excellent transportation network that facilitates the process of moving in and out of the compound, making life there easier and more comfortable.
Duplex for sale in Celia new capital

Duplex for sale in Celia new capital

Prices of Celia Compound the Administrative Capital

The developer company was distinguished by offering incomparably competitive prices. These prices added new elements to the attractiveness of Duplex for sale in Celia new capital, and strengthened its position as one of the most prominent compounds in the market, making it a suitable option for various social and economic groups. These prices are characterized by balance and harmony with market needs and customer requirements, making it an unmissable opportunity to obtain a residential unit in a distinguished project.

Payment and installment systems

The real estate developer is distinguished by its keenness to offer diverse and attractive prices that suit the various financial capabilities of individuals. The developer seeks to provide superior value to its customers, by offering a range of services and privileges that are unparalleled in the market, allowing a wide segment of the public to enjoy the high-end life and distinguished facilities provided by the compound.Duplex for sale in Celia new capital

Duplex for sale in Celia new capital

Duplex for sale in Celia new capital

Duplex design for sale in Celia the new administrative capital

The experience of living in luxury places always has a special touch of luxury that transcends borders. It is not just a place to stay, but rather an experience that gives you psychological comfort and sophistication in every detail. This is exactly what Celia Compound in the New Administrative Capital offers. The name “Celia” in Latin means heaven, and it is a reflection of everything that is new, advanced and integrated in this unique project.

This Duplex for sale in Celia new capital combines wonderful designs that combine authentic Egyptian heritage with a picturesque European character, making it the focus of attention of many people looking for excellence. The complex was built at multiple heights, giving residents wonderful views from inside their residential units, where they can enjoy wide viewing areas that give them peace and comfort.

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The company that owns the project and its most important work

Talaat Mostafa Real Estate Group, which is considered one of the most prominent companies in the field of real estate development and investment in Egypt, is behind the Celia project in the New Administrative Capital. This project is owned by engineer Hisham Talaat Mostafa, the well-known Egyptian entrepreneur, who has achieved continuous success over the past fifty years.

Talaat Mostafa Real Estate Group has long experience and a proven track record of success in urban development projects. Starting from developing the capital’s parks on an area of ​​more than 5,000 acres, all the way to implementing giant projects extending over an area exceeding 53 million square meters and containing about 90,000 various residential units. The group’s projects are distinguished by diversity and innovation in urban design and high-end interior details, as it always seeks to achieve the highest Levels of quality and luxury.

The project is among the most recent projects presented by the company, as it excelled in its design and implementation with great ingenuity, making it stand out as a global project characterized by distinction and luxury.

The most important work carried out by the company

  • Madinaty project, east of Cairo.
  • Al-Rehab City, New Cairo.
  • Al Rabwa Residential Community, in Sheikh Zayed City.
  • Mayfair Residential Complex, in Shorouk City.
  • Virginia Beach North Coast Village.
  • Green Rawda Village, in Alexandria (Agamy).
  • Nile Plaza Hotel in Garden City.
  • Four Seasons Hotel in Alexandria San Stefano.
  • Duplex for sale in Celia new capital

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