Apartments for sale in the loft new capital | The best site in R7

Apartments for sale in the loft new capital | The best site in R7

Apartments for sale in the loft It is affiliated with Living Yards, which is characterized by a new, innovative vision in the real estate market. This compound is being implemented according to advanced civilized standards, with high-quality infrastructure. This aims to provide customers with a new concept of comfort and luxury in life. The compound provides all the basic facilities that achieve a unique life experience that may not be available anywhere else.

Apartments for sale in the loft location

The Loft New Capital project occupies a prominent position among the list of important projects that have been implemented recently. This project enjoys a distinguished strategic location, as it is located near a group of vital areas and main streets. This facilitates the process of arriving and departing from it, in addition to reaching any destination with ease and convenience. What greatly distinguishes this project is that it avoids congestion and car congestion, which ensures an enjoyable and smooth traffic experience for residents and visitors. Apartments for sale in The Loft New Administrative Capital

The most important places near the compound

  • It is located just 10 minutes from the beautiful Green River and the famous Cathedral.
  • It has another prime location, about 15 minutes away from the Administrative Capital Airport
Apartments for sale in the loft

Apartments for sale in the loft

Apartments for sale in the loft space

Apartments for sale in the loft is characterized by elegant and modern designs, emitting an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication, making it the first choice for those who love distinction among clients and investors. The developing company was keen for the project to have an exceptional footprint, so it commissioned the best architectural consultants and engineers to develop designs and engineering plans in accordance with the highest international standards. The project was divided with high precision over an area of 23 acres, where green spaces and landscapes occupied the largest part of it, which adds Natural beauty and tranquility in the area.

The spaces within Apartments for sale in the loft are as follows:

  • The spaces within the compound start from 78 square metres

Services of The Loft Compound the Administrative Capital

Certainly, apartments for sale in The Loft include all the entertainment and basic services that residents need, enabling them to meet their needs inside the compound without having to go outside. The project is considered a small city with integrated services and facilities, providing residents with comfort and enjoyment of all amenities within a familiar and safe environment.

Among the main services available in the project:

  • The company that owns The Loft project in the Administrative Capital paid great attention to the landscaping, as it allocated a large percentage of its area to create green spaces that add special appeal to the project.
  • The area includes a children’s park that contains a variety of games, in addition to a group of various swimming pools that include small children’s pools and others for the Olympics.
  • The area also includes a variety of luxury restaurants and cafes that serve delicious dishes and drinks.
  • For those who prefer physical activity, there are dedicated tracks for jogging and cycling, in addition to areas designated for yoga and meditation.
  • To add a social and entertaining character, there are spaces for holding family parties and barbecues, in addition to a health club containing the latest sports equipment and equipment.
  • To meet your shopping needs, there is a comprehensive commercial area that includes a huge mall containing a variety of international brands.
  • There are also games areas that aim to provide fun and entertainment for all family members.
  • The concern is not only limited to luxury, but also includes security, as the project is surrounded by a high wall to provide privacy and protection
  • In addition to the presence of specialized security teams at all gates to ensure the security and safety of residents around the clock.
Apartments for sale in the loft

Apartments for sale in the loft

Features of The Loft the new administrative capital

The compound is distinguished by its distinguished, lively location in the heart of the New Capital. The modern design of the buildings and apartments features the latest technologies and advanced facilities, making them perfectly meet international standards. The compound has integrated service and entertainment facilities to meet the needs of residents, and it also pays special attention to ensuring a high level of security and safety, as all units have full insurance.

There are also various green spaces and landscape areas, which enhance the attractiveness of the place and provide a comfortable and sustainable environment for residents. Despite all these distinguished features, the compound offers a variety of apartment spaces that suit different needs and prices of apartments available for sale, in addition to installment systems. Flexible, facilitating the purchasing process and making it accessible for everyone.

Prices of apartments for sale in The Loft New Administrative Capital

Thanks to Living Yard Real Estate Development Company, our clients in The Loft Capital project enjoy a set of notable advantages. Among these features, the competitive prices we offer stand out, as we pay special attention to suit the client’s financial capabilities. This consists of offering flexible and diverse prices for The Loft apartments that suit all social segments, in order to meet the needs of different customers, starting from lovers of distinction and sophistication to those seeking comfort and security. By learning about the prices of the residential units in the project, customers can get a clear understanding of the options available that suit their unique requirements and preferences.

Apartments for sale in the loft

Apartments for sale in the loft

Payment and installment systems

In addition to the prices provided by the developer, it has provided flexible payment systems that effectively suit customers’ needs. This approach allows customers to obtain the unit they desire with the lowest possible reservation deposit and a payment term that suits their circumstances. The systems available include a variety of options, allowing different needs of customers to be met based on their preferences and financial circumstances. These options reflect the company’s commitment to providing comprehensive and appropriate services to all its customers, which enhances confidence and satisfaction in the customer experience.

Apartments for sale in the loft

Apartments for sale in the loft

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The company that owns the project and its most important work

The Loft New Capital Compound project, The Loft New Capital, is considered part of the group of projects by Living Yards Real Estate Development Company, which has implemented projects worth up to 4 billion US dollars over the past thirty years. This company, which emerged from an alliance between the Egyptian Swiss Group and AM Group, has constructed more than 60 buildings in multiple areas of Cairo, including the Fifth Settlement and Heliopolis.

The company is currently working on implementing several prominent projects in the New Administrative Capital. This includes The Loft Compound project, which reflects the company’s vision of providing high-quality standards in the real estate sector, and providing an integrated residential environment that meets the needs of contemporary families.

The most important work carried out by the owner company

  • Mall Noir, Fifth Settlement Mall Noir New Cairo.
  • Mall The Loft Down Town New Administrative Capital Mall The Loft Down Town New Capital.
  • Mall The Loft Plaza New Administrative Capital.
  • Apartments for sale in The Loft, New Administrative Capital.

Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2024, so they are subject to change. We at Masharef Real Estate are keen to update the spaces, price and type of listings for both residential and commercial units to keep them. Informing clients about the real estate market.

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