Apartments for sale in rivan new capital | Revealing the 7 most important achievements

Apartments for sale in rivan new capital | Revealing the 7 most important achievements

Apartments for sale in rivan new capital The Arab Development Company has realized the dream of distinguished hotel housing in the New Administrative Capital, by establishing the Rivan Compound in a wonderful location next to many vital places. The Rivan project was implemented in the R7 area of the Administrative Capital, where the units are characterized by competitive prices that make it an ideal destination for lovers of excellence. In addition to the prices Competitiveness, the dream city of Revan is characterized by a unique design and integrated facilities that meet all residents’ needs.

Apartments for sale in rivan new capital  location

Al-Tameer Company relies on choosing distinguished places in the Administrative Capital to satisfy those looking for distinction and sophistication. Plot F5 in the Seventh District, R7, was chosen based on its height above other plots and its direct connection to main roads and vital places. Rivan Compound provides a distinguished investment oasis next to many of the New Capital’s landmarks. Thus, Revan is the ideal choice for investment lovers in the Administrative Capital.

The most important places near the compound

  • Rivan Compound, the Administrative Capital, is distinguished by its distinctive location, overlooking the diplomatic district, the Green River, and the tourist promenade.
  • It is also only five minutes away from the Russian University and three minutes away from the Embassy District.
  • The project offers a direct view of the central and southern park, in addition to the Champs-Élysées promenade and the main 90th Street.
  • The project is close to many high-end compounds, such as Castle Landmark Compound and Azzar 2 Compound.
Apartments for sale in rivan new capital

Apartments for sale in rivan new capital

Area of the Revan Compound New Administrative Capital

Rivan Compound, the Administrative Capital, was built on an area of 16.5 acres. This area was divided into 19% for construction and 81% for the wonderful panoramic landscape, as the landscape includes gardens, lakes, and complete services and facilities. The size of the green spaces and services doubles the proportion of the building, and multiple spaces have been provided to meet different needs, whether for lovers of large or small spaces.Apartments for sale in rivan new capital

The spaces within the compound are as follows:

  • You can now buy Revan apartments, ranging in size from 191 to 182 square meters.
  • You can also get a duplex with an area of no less than 400 square meters.
  • For those looking for privacy, you can benefit from Linked villas with areas starting from 400 square meters.
  • Apartments for sale in rivan new capital with the best diverse space

Design of the Revan Compound the Administrative Capital

Satisfying all tastes of the owners of Revan apartments and villas was a main goal of the Arab Development Company. They wanted to build the compound in a way that reflects the distinctive modern character, and is characterized by elegance and luxury, whether in structure or design. Dar Al Mimar was chosen as the engineering consultant for the project, so it was not surprising that the quality was high. Complete privacy was taken into account for all Rivan units, as the compound consists of only 15 buildings. This provides sufficient distances between the units while adding a picturesque landscape to improve the overall view of the complex.Apartments for sale in rivan new capital

Apartments for sale in rivan new capital

Apartments for sale in rivan new capital

Services of the Revan Compound the Administrative Capital

Owning a unit in Rivan Compound in the New Administrative Capital will provide you with various services and facilities that go beyond just owning an apartment or villa. The compound features indoor and outdoor facilities that guarantee you greater comfort and luxury. Among these services and facilities:

  • Clubhouse is considered the tallest building in the Revan Administrative Capital project.
  • The compound has high-level security and guarding services to ensure the safety of residents.
  • There is a commercial mall in the project that includes the most famous international brands and many restaurants and cafes.
  • project features a Kids Area equipped with the latest entertainment and safety facilities.
  • is a large hypermarket available to meet residents’ daily needs.
  • The compound also includes vast green spaces and artificial lakes to add beauty to the units’ exterior view.
  • There are spacious garages sufficient for residents’ parking. The Rivan project has luxurious hotel entrances to all buildings.
  • The project also uses solar energy to provide clean energy.
  • There are surveillance cameras everywhere in the compound to ensure the safety and security of residents.
  • The compound provides multiple swimming pools for residents’ comfort and enjoyment.
  • The compound has a large and diverse number of swimming pools that provide maximum privacy for residents.
  • There is also a large entertainment area in the compound that contains amusement rides aimed at delighting children and adults.
  • For leisure and walking enthusiasts, there is a long walkway to practice their favorite sports and ride bicycles outdoors safely, away from car paths.
  • Revan Compound is surrounded by a high wall and has private gates to ensure the highest levels of privacy and security.
  • Apartments for sale in rivan new capital with the best exclusive services

Features of Revan Compound the Administrative Capital

Owning a unit in Rivan Compound will give you countless privileges, and one of the most prominent of these features is your presence in a community full of facilities, services and luxury that will not end, in addition to the great privacy that you will enjoy given that the proportion of buildings is only 15 buildings, in addition to the fact that the compound is located in the most prestigious residential areas in the Administrative Capital. At prices that the rest of the New Administrative Capital compounds cannot compete with.Apartments for sale in rivan new capital

Apartments for sale in rivan new capital

Apartments for sale in rivan new capital

Prices of Revan Compound the Administrative Capital

The implementation of the Arab Development Company project in the Administrative Capital witnessed a large turnout from investors and lovers of investing in residential units. The opportunity presented by the company was considered a golden opportunity to realize the dream of many people of owning a unit in the Administrative Capital. This interest was clearly evident in the prices for booking apartments in Revan Administrative Capital. This reflects the great preference to invest in this huge and integrated project in the Administrative Capital.

Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2024, so they are subject to change. We at Masharef Real Estate are keen to update the spaces, price and type of listings for both residential and commercial units to keep them. Informing clients about the real estate market.

Payment and installment systems

The Rivan Compound project is characterized by providing ideal installment systems that suit its strategic location in the New Administrative Capital. You can choose the plan that suits you, as the compound is competitive in everything, whether in innovative designs, diverse spaces, the privacy it provides, or competitive prices. Apartments are available for sale in Revan, the New Administrative Capital, with the best easy payment systems.Apartments for sale in rivan new capital

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Apartments for sale in rivan new capital

Apartments for sale in rivan new capital

The company that owns the project and its most important work

Al Tameer Arabian Developments was founded by Engineer Marzouq Mansour, who is distinguished by his meticulous executive planning and distinguished management. Engineer Mansour has a strong history in the field of real estate throughout the Middle East and North Africa, especially in the Gulf region and Saudi Arabia. The company is headed by Mr. Raziq Al-Jadrawi, while real estate developer Sheikh Salem Al-Sudais is part of the team. These leadership competencies come together in the company to ensure that its projects are implemented with the utmost levels of professionalism and quality.Apartments for sale in rivan new capital

The most important work carried out by the owner company

  • Rivan Tower New Capital.
  • Mall Rivan Square New Administrative Capital.
  • King Abdullah Foundation in Jazan – Saudi Arabia.
  • King Abdullah Foundation in Najran – Saudi Arabia.
  • Ministry of Education in Taif, Saudi Arabia.
  • King Abdullah Al Fala Foundation, Saudi Arabia.
  • King Abdullah Peace Foundation Saudi Arabia.
  • Sedco International Company in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
  • King Abdullah Al-Nabah Foundation, Saudi Arabia.
  • Kingdom Holding Company, Al Bahah, Saudi Arabia.
  • Apartments for sale in rivan new capital

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