Blue Vert – Compound Blue Vert

Blue Vert – Compound Blue Vert
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Blue Vert – Compound Blue Vert, the Saudi Egyptian Development Corporation is the executor of

the compound, whose name is associated with the name of the largest commercial and

economic real estate projects since 1957.

The company was established through the joint Saudi and Egyptian bilateral cooperation

between the Egyptian Ministry, which is a main partner in the urban lands.

A huge financial financial portfolio was pumped in which the two user states share

the head of ownership, so that the horizontal expansion is made in all the governorates of

the Arab Republic of Egypt,

Establishing nearly fifty urban projects, with assets estimated at $ 318 million.

Previous projects of the Egyptian-Saudi Commercial Corporation

for Reconstruction:

The project enjoys a unique and privileged location in the most prestigious neighborhoods of

the New Administrative Capital (Al-Qurunfal District) with a facade of 900 m facing Al-Rehab 2.

To be on an area of ​​68 acres, the project will be on 3 main streets and near the Suez Road

It is located next to the American University

in addition, It is near the future university

It is located next to the most famous commercial and administrative areas in New Cairo.

The project consists of 120 buildings with a total of 1900 housing units, complete with amazing

completion, in 5 different models.

Each building consists of a basement + ground floor + 4 continuous floors.

Blue Vert - Compound Blue Vert

Among the Foundation’s previous projects:

  • Founded Zahrat Al Obour Compound.
  • Created Lake Dream Compound.
  • Founded Damietta Resort Compound.
  • It established Durrat Assiut Compound.
  • Founded Blue Vert – Blue Vert New Capital.
  • Created Residences Compound.
  • Blue Vert established the administrative capital

Space of the Blue Vert New Capital Compound:

The Belovert Administrative Capital project is located on an area of ​​seventy acres.

The project area was divided so that the residential units would acquire forty% of the project price.

The residential villas cover sixty% of the total area.

The meter’s value is available in Blue Vert – Blue Vert, the New Capital, to be from 13900 to

14500 fully finished

Blue Vert - Compound Blue Vert

Blue Vert location – Blue Vert New Capital:

  • It is next to the Bin Zayed South axis
  • It is located near the governmental district
  • in addition, It is next to the land of Talaat Mustafa
  • It is located near Stella Park
  • It is directly beside the Green River, 5 minutes separating it from the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ
  • in addition, It is located near the Al Massa Hotel
  • It is at E8 on the Bin Zayed Axis immediately in the heart of the R7.
  • It is located near Il Bosco immediately.

Push pattern:

The payment system is available with 5% down payment, 5 until now 3 months, and the rest

over 7 years without interest.

Services of the Compound Blue Vert New Capital:

  • There are swimming pools for adults and children, and a covered swimming pool for women
  • Gardens available
  • There is a landscape
  • Available in commercial stores
  • There are administrative offices
  • Clinics available
  • There are x-ray laboratories and analyzes
  • Social team available
  • There is a Kids Area
  • Nursery available for children
  • There are garages
  • Security and guarding available
  • The delivery of units will be 2022.

Blue Vert - Compound Blue Vert

Blue Vert Spaces – Blue Vert New Capital:

The areas of the ground floor vary from 150 to 190 square meters and are of relatively medium size

The upper floors (consecutive) areas start from 140 to two hundred square meters and are

relatively larger than the ground floor.

If you are interested in buying a residential, tourist or commercial unit from the commercial real

estate projects in the 5th settlement

On our location  you will find more than one project. Take a look at them and choose

what suits you.

If you have any inquiries about the projects of the Saudi Egyptian Construction Company.

Other projects are also of interest (The area of the Midtown Condo project

The location of Midtown Condo Compound)


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