Bleu Vert Compound

Bleu Vert Compound
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Bleu Vert Compound is considered by the Saudi Egyptian Foundation for Reconstruction

as a model of success for cooperation between the governments of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

and Egypt, as it is owned equally by the two governments.

It is one of the largest institutions operating in the Egyptian and Arab real estate market,

which it has undertaken since its inception and for more than 35 years.

The commercial establishment provides its distinctive residential projects that embody

the upscale example of residential complexes,

The commercial establishment has taken care of all the details that serve its customers with

attention to technical and environmental standards, and is distinguished by choosing

the distinctive locations for our projects and the quality of their designs.

The commercial enterprise and its success continued through the real estate market and

it needs modern changes to keep the institution constantly in the circle of international competition.

He is the one who made the name of the Saudi Egyptian Reconstruction Foundation

a source of confidence for its investors.

The executing establishment of Blue Vert:

The Saudi Egyptian Commercial Establishment for Al-Tameer shall be the executing organization

of the compound and it has previous projects, including:

  • Founded Residence Alexandria
  • Established Nile Towers
  • Founded Lake Dream
  • Assiut flower established
  • Founded Zahrat Al Obour
  • Established New Damietta Resort
  • Founded the New Dora Assiut Compound
  • Blue Vert Compound established.

Bleu Vert CompoundBleu Vert Compound

Space of the Blue Vert Compound:

The new commercial enterprise project, Blue Vert, is located in the most prestigious locations

in the New Administrative Capital on Mohammed Bin Zayed Street.

It is near the government sector, Talaat Mustafa land, and next to Stella Park.

It is located on an area of ​​seventy acres in one of the best locations in the

New Administrative Capital and the project is designed to contain residential buildings.

The Blue Vert compound is located on an area of ​​seventy% of the total land area and residential

villas on an area of ​​thirty per cent of the total area.

The compound consists of sixty residential buildings containing 1840 housing units and 98 villas.

It includes seventy townhouse villas, 18 twin house villas, and 10 isolated villas.

Blue Vert offers fully finished residential units and villas designed to meet the ever-changing

modern taste and meet investors’ needs for luxury and comfort.

Blue Vert units are located on green spaces that provide an enjoyable endeavor in the open

winds and easy access to it from all places in the Administrative Capital.

It provides a long-term payment method in Blue Vert 5% downpayment

There is 5% so far three months

Available in installments over 7 years.

Other projects are also of interest (Midtown Condo Administrative Capital project

Midtown Condo – New Capital)


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