Badya Palm Hills 6 October location

Badya Palm Hills 6 October location
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Badya Palm Hills 6 October location

Badya Palm Hills 6 October location of Badya Compound is one of the privileged locations, as it is located in the heart of New 6th of October City, which is considered one of the most important, and the best residential neighborhoods, as well as the presence of all services next to the compound.

And inside it, which provides a life full of luxury and comfort above all, so buying an apartment, villa, shop, clinic, or even an administrative office inside the Badia compound is considered a distinct investment opportunity, at the same time when buying a residential unit in

the Badia Compound in October 6 at the current prices that are considered lower One of the lowest prices in the 6th of October area despite the many services that you will find in Badya Palm Hills 6 October.

Badya Palm Hills 6 October locationBadya Palm Hills 6 October location

Badya Palm Hills 6 October location

  1. The location of the compound is the most important factor that is taken into account when thinking about buying a property, whether it is residential, commercial, administrative, or even medical, and the location of Badya Palm Hills Compound is one of the prime locations.
  2. As it is located next to most of the important axes, and in the heart of 6 October City, where all services are located around you, in addition to the proximity to the most important residential neighborhoods located next to the Badia Compound site.
  3. The location of Badya Palm Hills Compound is located on Al-Wahat Road in the Creative City area, which is one of the most important areas.
  4. Also, the location of Badya Palm Hills Compound in 6 October is distinguished by that it is located directly on the main road to Dahshur Link, which is located near Cairo, Downtown, Mohandessin and Zamalek.
  5. The location of Badya Palm Hills Compound is located near the largest and most important cities, and neighborhoods, the location is also very quiet and far from the crowds and population density.
Badya Palm Hills 6 October locationBadya Palm Hills 6 October location

Unit prices and payment Plans:

  1. The prices of the Compound Badia Palm Hills October are very competitive and it is considered one of the great investment opportunities.
  2. This is because the compound is a residential community with integrated services from the largest residential complexes in the region as a whole.
  3. It has everything that can be thought of, including entertainment services, major services, and wonderful views of the green gardens.
  4. And crystal water lakes in addition to the unique and distinctive location.
  5. All of this at very competitive prices with long payment facilities.
  6. The price per square meter in Badia Palm Hills starts from 10,000 pounds for semi-finished apartments.
  7. It starts from 14 thousand pounds for fully finished apartments, super lux.
  8. Badya Palm Hills New October has a bouquet of all types of residential units
  9. It contrasts between apartments, twin houses, townhouses, and luxury stand-alone villas.
  10. And all of that varies according to your options.
  11. There is also another advantage that the company gives to customers, which is the choice of finishes for the units according to your own taste, and not with a system of standardizing the level of finishes.

Badia Palm Hills 6 October prices.

Here are the average prices of apartments for sale in Badia semi-finished in the Badia Palm Hills project:

  1. First, studios, their prices start from 1.2 million to 1.35 million pounds, and they are one room.
  2. Secondly, two-bedroom apartments whose prices start from 1.7 million pounds to 2 million pounds, and they are 2 bedrooms.
  3. Finally, for apartments consisting of 3 bedrooms, the prices start from 2.1 million pounds to 2.3 million pounds.

We also inform you that all of the buildings in the Badia of the 6th of October Compound consist of a ground floor, five upper floors.

Each floor in the building contains from two to 3 apartments, and there are 2 elevators in each building to serve the residents.

Prices of villas for sale in Palm Hills:

  1. First, town-house, its prices start from 3,758,400 pounds to 4,189,900 pounds.
  2. Secondly, a twin-house, its prices start from 4,887,600 pounds to 6,092,000 pounds.
  3. Finally, the independent villas prices start from 4,700,000 pounds to 11,000,000 pounds.

However, the payment systems, payments are up to 8 years, 10% downpayment, and without any down payment on the occasion of

Cityscape Egypt, and the housing units will be delivered within two years from the date of the contract.

location of badya compoundlocation of badya compound

Although the location of the Badia Compound is very distinctive, there are many other features in this huge compound, whose area reaches 3000 acres,

and this is why the compound will be built in 6 building stages.

October with a global design, and various residential models, with spaces ranging from 85 square meters to 800 square meters.

Badya compound area and services:

BADYA Compound, 6th October City, is designed in the latest modern and distinct architectural styles.

On the other side, we find a desert characterized by elegant urban planning, as we find its wide streets

Badya Palm Hills 6 October location

Which separates the residential buildings in addition to the various spaces for all residential units to suit all categories.

The residential units’ spaces are divided into the Badia Palm Hills October Compound as follows:

  1. Apartment areas start from 85 meters to 250 meters.
  2. Townhouse Middle areas start from 185 meters, building area, and 215 meters land.
  3. The townhouse corner spaces start from 190 meters, the building area, and the land 230 meters.
  4. Twin houses areas ranging from 234 meters to 263 meters building area, and the land from 300 square meters to 370 square meters.
  5. Standalone villas areas start from 195 square meters up to 500 square meters for buildings, and from 265 square meters to 800 square meters of land area.

All units of the Badya Palm Hills residential compound have modern, modern, beautifully designed façades, and a distinct view of the vast green spaces and artificial lakes.

In addition to the many services that give a European character to the compound as

a whole, the most important of which are in the Badia October Compound are the following:

Badia Compound 6 October services:

  1. Badya 6 October City has a commercial area that is one of the largest in the Middle East.
  2. The compound has a smart home system for the residents of Badya Palm Hills Compound,
  3. and it is a card application for Palm Hills residents only to facilitate the process of using the services in the compound.
  4. There is a shopping mall in Badia on a very large area, a hyper,
  5. more than one school, and more than one international university.
  6. In addition to a large sports and social club, which includes all kinds
  7. of sports and sports fields for football, tennis, squash and all other sports activities.
  8. There is also the District Center,
  9. which is a huge complex of restaurants (Food Court) and luxury cafes.
  10. In order to achieve the highest levels of luxury for Palm Hills’ customers,
  11. there is a Clubhouse
  12. with a sauna, jacuzzi, spa, and other multiple entertainment services.
  13. 24/7 security and guarding, CCTV surveillance cameras
  14. A large health club equipped with the latest equipment.
  15. Many areas for children’s entertainment, and many parks in the compound in addition to
    Because of a large central garden.
  16. There are also jogging tracks as well as many paths for hiking and cycling.
  17. Within the compound, there are places designated for holding parties, practicing yoga, and relaxing.
Badya LocationBadya Location

The developed company and its predecessor:

  • The company that owns the Palm Hills New October project is Palm Hills,
  • which is one of the large and well-known
  • real estate companies, which is always keen to satisfy its customers, and provide all services within its projects.
  • In its latest project, Palm Hills October Compound, the company was keen to follow the finest construction methods,
  • both in terms of modern interior divisions, and high-end modern facades that match the most luxurious international compounds.
  • Palm Hills Real Estate is not just a real estate construction company, but it is a well-known brand.
  • Many clients trust the company, so the company uses the Palm Hills logo to promote its projects.

The most important previous projects of Palm Hills Real Estate

  • Hacienda white
  • Hacienda bay
  • Palm Hills New Cairo.
  • Palm Hills 6th October.
  • Capital Gardens
  • Palm Hills Villas PK2 Compound
  • Hacienda West is “under construction”.
  • Palm Hills Katameya VGK in the Golden Square.
  • Village Veno Compound, next to AUC.
  • Palm Hills Village Gate, located behind Point 90 Mall.

In addition to the latest projects of Palm Hills company, Badia October

Which is one of the largest high-end residential complexes, with integrated services as well.


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