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Badya 6 October The Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound project is one of the most prestigious

real estate investment projects in 6th of October City and is characterized by elegance and simplicity by

designing the external facades.

The internal divisions are in a sophisticated way and with international standards, and the executing

company of Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed has provided all services and green spaces inside it

Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed CompoundPalm Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound

Badya 6 October

Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound is located in the heart of 6th of October City, and it is considered the

most important modern city in Cairo and is located on the Oasis Road

And it is specifically in the Creative City area to connect between the east and west of Cairo,

and 10 km from MSA University.

One of the advantages is that it continued between it and the city of Cairo, in order to facilitate access

to Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed compound and Cairo city in a few minutes

The location of Badya Palm Hills Compound was implemented in

this distinctive location in the heart of 6th of October City.

Services and spaces in the Badya 6th of October:

The area of ​​the Badya Palm Hills Compound, Sheikh Zayed, is about 3000 acres, as Palm Hills designed

this project.

The company divided Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed compound into several sections, bringing the percentage

of buildings and residential units from 20% to 25% only.

Providing the luxury for all customers and the basic requirements for the Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed

compound location and with the highest international quality standards to promote real estate investment

in Egypt

Al Badya Compound 6 October services

Among the most prominent services provided by the Badya 6th of October, which is as follows:

  • There is a fully equipped clubhouse in Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed.
  • Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound contains 2 international schools equipped with the highest


  • There is a gym at the highest level, in order to ensure the fitness and health of the compound residents.
  • Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound contains a District Center and includes restaurants, cafes and cafes

at the highest level to ensure the well-being of the residents.

  • Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed has a health club and a gym equipped with the latest sports equipment at the

highest level.

  • Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed Compound contains many recreational areas for children to draw a smile and

have fun on their faces.

  • Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed has many playgrounds for practicing all kinds of sporting activities, including

football fields And tennis and squash halls.

  • It contains green spaces all over the Badya 6th of October in order to spread the positive energy, healthy

atmosphere and calm inside.

  • There are water bodies of artificial and crystal lakes to provide tranquility inside Palm Hills Sheikh Zayed.
  • It contains a very large central garden.
  • There are tracks or tracks for running, walking, hiking and cycling.
  • It contains places for holding parties.
  • There are places designated for relaxation and yoga.
  • It contains an integrated system of security and guarding inside the compound, in order to ensure the

safety of all residents of the compound.

  • There is the use of the latest technologies for security and guarding, including the use of face prints.

All of this and more is available inside the Palm Hills Compound and other services available inside the

compound to add a magical touch to your life.

Al Badya Compound in 6 October areas:

The executing company has embarked on the Badya project in October 6 to provide various and different

housing units to suit all tastes and desires of its customers wishing to book

Where Badya Palm Hillsprovided apartments for sale in Al Badya 6 October,

villas for sale in various areas, as follows:

  • There are areas of Palm Hills 6 October villas for sale, starting from 195 square meters up to 500 square

meters (building area).

  • The land area is available in standalone villas, starting from 265 m2 up to 800 m2.
  • There are twin house spaces ranging from 234 meters 2 to 263 square meters (building area).
  • The available land area in the Twin House starts from 300 m2 up to 370 m2.
  • The townhouse corner has 190 square meters (building area), and 230 square meters (land area).
  • Townhouse Middle has a space of 185 square meters (building area) and 215 square meters (land area).
  • There is a space for apartments for sale in Al Badya Palm Hills, with areas ranging from

85 m2 up to 250 m2.

The buildings consist of a ground floor to five duplicate floors, and each floor in a building contains only

two or three apartments.

Prices and payment systems in Al-Badya 6th of October:

The prices of the Badya Palm Hills project are the best in relation to the prices of residential projects in

6th of October City, and the prices and payment systems suit the needs of those who wish.

The payment systems for the prices of the apartments and villas in the Badya 6th of October Compound

are determined according to the area and type of finishing that the customer wants.

The company sets prices and regulations for apartments for sale in Badya Palm Hills semi-finished payment as follows:

  • One-bedroom apartments are available at prices starting from 1,200,000 EGP up to 1,350,000 EGP.
  • There are apartments consisting of 2 bedrooms, with prices starting from 1,700,000 EGP up to 2,000,000


  • There are 3-bedroom apartments available, with prices starting from 2,100,000 up to 2,300,000 pounds.

As for the prices of Palm Hills 6 October, villas for sale are as follows:

  • There are townhouse villas, the prices of which start from 3,758,400 EGP up to 4,189,900 EGP.
  • Twin villas are available, the prices of which start from 4,887,600 pounds up to 6,092,000 pounds.
  • There are standalone villas whose prices start from 4,700,000 pounds up to 11,000,000 pounds.

Provided that the delivery of residential units from these villas to clients who booked them within 4

years of contracting commencing with them.

The company delivers the reserved units in the Badya Palm Hills with semi-finished or super lux finishing,

according to the customer’s desire.

It allows customers wishing to reserve any housing unit to pay a downpayment of 10% of the total value

of the reserved residential unit.

The remainder of the total value of the amount due from the reserved housing unit is paid in equal

installments over a period of 8 years.

Owner company and previous business:

Palm Hills is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate investment in the Arab Republic of

Egypt, which has a long history.

It has carried out many real estate projects that have been well received by most of its clients in many


Badya 6 OctoberBadya 6 October

This company witnesses many real estate projects, including:

  • Palm Hills 6th of October.
  • Hacienda White.
  • Hacienda West project is “under construction”.
  • Haysenda Bay North Coast.
  • Palm Hills Katameya VGK in the Golden Square.
  • Palm Hills Villas PK2 Compound.
  • Village Veno project next to AUC.
  • Palm Hills Village Gate behind Point 9 Mall.
  • New Cairo.
  • Capital Gardens.

The company has contributed to increasing development rates in the Egyptian economy in recent years

with successful projects that have achieved successes in the field of real estate investment,

Experts expect that the company will contribute to working to significantly increase the pace of its

projects in the future, and through directives and visions

The owner of the company, Yassin Mansour, worked diligently and greatly and spared no effort in order

to achieve the greatest amount of luxury for all customers.

He proposed and implemented many projects in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and competes in this field

with the Middle East with the Badya Palm Hills project.


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