Apartments for sale in Sawiris Towers

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Apartments for sale in Sawiris Towers Aura Company launched apartments for sale in Sawiris Towers in

Sheikh Zayed City, about 20 km from Lebanon Square.

It is located next to Tahrir Square, about 28 km long and extends to the 26th of July Corridor and

October City, and the area of ​​Sheikh Zayed is 9,500 acres.

And it has become the most important city for investment and urban expansion, and is characterized by

the presence of all facilities, services and green spaces, a huge 40% of the project area

It is close to service and tourism projects such as Hyper One – Mall of Arabia –

Dandy and Mall and Sheikh Zayed is characterized by services and means that made it distinct.

Apartments for sale in Sawiris Towers

Apartments for sale in Sawiris Towers – Zed Towers:

Naguib Sawiris, one of the most important businessmen, presented many projects in different fields,

and he succeeded in all fields, placing a clear imprint and the owner of Orascom companies.

From her previous work:

1- Pyramid Hills

2- Silversands

3- Nocera Ltd

4- North Coast

5- Nile City Towers

6- Eighteen

7- Ayia Napa Marina

Currently, the towers of Zaid Naguib Sawiris, Sheikh Zayed are known:

Zaid Sheikh Zayed project

It  consider the first residential project for businessman Naguib Sawiris and shared by the Egyptian

government, and it consists of residential towers and the area of ​​one tower is 10 acres.

Area of ​​Zed Sheikh Zayed towers:

The project area  85 acres divide between residential and commercial units, green spaces and

landscapes, and there are two types of towers, totaling 5

1- There are towers consisting of 10 floors

2- It contains towers consisting of 20 floors

Aura company, Zed towers

Zed Towers location in Sheikh Zayed:

Zed Towers in Sheikh Zayed is located on a central garden near Hyper One, Arkan Arkan, and Compound


Designs of the zed project Naguib Sawiris:

The company has sought the assistance of a large number of experts and engineers to provide the

designs with the best quality, and the Euro company has sought the assistance of huge companies in

construction and design.

1- Orascom OCI for constructions

2- WATG for designs

Apartments for sale in Sawiris Towers

Zaid project services:

There are many entertainment services to meet your needs, including:

1-A commercial area is available that combines the shops, brands, restaurants and cafes where the most famous international brands are available

2- There is a recreational area that combines a children’s area, a running track and a bike

Receipt of apartments for sale in Sawiris Towers, Sheikh Zayed, after 4 years, super lux finishing

We are working on creativity and innovation, and you will enjoy your time in “Zed” surrounded by the

beauty of nature and the biggest features in Zayed, reducing population density and overcrowding.

You will start your new life in other urban communities in Sheikh Zayed Towers, start a new life and live

in a world full of privacy.

Own your distinctive unit now for ORA company (apartments for sale in Sawiris Towers)

Zed Towers, the latest projects of the Aura company, and the project was designed with new, different

and unique designs suitable for all individuals, with experts and experienced engineers.

If you are looking for an elegant, secure and distinctive residence with all amenities, own apartments for

sale in Sawiris Towers.

If you need more details or need to reserve your unit, contact us: 1270970000


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