Anakaji New Administrative Capital
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Anakaji New Administrative Capital is one of the best projects in New Capital is the establishment of Aqar Misr Real Estate Development,

which was famous for implementing its projects with the best and best international designs,

In addition to its attention to all project details.

Recently, it has become adjacent to the government district, the presidential palace,

the headquarters of ministries and various bodies,

and it is adjacent to the capital’s airport.

The Location of Anakaji New Administrative Capital:

The Anakaji complex is also located in the R8 area,

In addition to distinguishing by its higher ground than other surrounding lands,

Which makes it unique. The project is about 108 kilometers from Green River, the largest park in the world.

In addition to its proximity to the administrative area of ​​the capital

Which includes (Conference Center – Central Park – British University – Exhibition City).

In addition to Anakaji New Administrative Capital is located near major roads such as the Regional Ring Road,

About 18 kilometers from Anakaji New Administrative Capital,

And about 1.4 kilometers from the main axis in Bin Zayed.

Anakaji New Administrative Capital covers an area of ​​20 acres,

The compound consists of 800 units, representing only 19% of the project area.

In addition, the Anakaji project was created in three phases,

The first stage included 300 units to reduce the density of the complex.

The project provides the largest space for large green spaces and all facilities and services,

As it occupies about 80% of the project area.

Anakaji New Administrative Capital also enjoys the finest location in the Administrative Capital,

as it is close to (Conference Hall – Opera House – Al Masa Hotel).

The width of the project is 160 meters and its length is about 600 meters,

except for the two street corners, one of which is 80 meters wide and the other is about 60 meters wide.

Anakaji New Administrative Capital

Information about Anakaji New Administrative Capital:

Anakaji New Administrative Capital is affiliated with Aqar Misr Development Company,

a newly established company established in 2018,

But it is able to create a good position in the real estate sector in Egypt and the Middle East,

The company’s board of directors is composed of Eng. Majed Al-Raed.

Among the most prominent works carried out by the company:

Construction and assembly of residential buildings in Heliopolis.

25 villas under construction on the northwest coast of Mara.

Construction of 30% of the tower in Assiut.

Participation in the creation of the Mivida project through the construction of fences, entrances, and landscaping.

Participated in the construction of the new stone housing complex in Cairo.

Anakaji New Administrative Capital

Features of Anakaji New Administrative Capital:

Aqar Misr has countless advantages that increase the demand for it from customers who love sophistication, beauty, and tranquility,

Of which:

It is considered one of the best prices in the New Administrative Capital, and it is a convenient way to pay.

The prime location in the New Administrative Capital is considered one of the most prestigious areas in the capital.

Privacy as the destinations of all the compounds designed in a unique way to protect the privacy of the owners,

As the minimum distance between buildings is about 15 square meters

In addition to the maximum distance is 45 square meters.

The vast green space and the artificial lake in the compound.

The project features a walking path with a length of 1.2 km and a width of 8 square meters.

In addition to The club is designed in the Nubian style and offers all entertainment services for adults and children,

It has a swimming pool, fitness club, and children’s amusement park,

In addition to a cultural center that displays the Nubian civilization.

The compound contains a commercial area in a large area complex.

Unparalleled service on Anzhong Capital Road.

In addition to The green area of ​​Anzhong Road occupying 70% of the total area,

Including all services, public facilities, and distinctive recreational activities.

In addition to making sure the courtyard is not crowded and easy to access, there are two entrances at the beginning and end of the project,

A security and guard team is included to protect Anakaji.

In addition to :

For lovers of great nature, there is a 1 km walking path, a running track, and a cycling track away from car traffic.

The entire compound contains two commercial areas that include a group of shops and shops that offer the most famous international brands,

In addition to escalators and elevators to facilitate movement between floors and some of them.

The administrative office can use by those who are looking for a place to work in important areas.

In addition, to prevent congestion in front of the unit, a garage has been allocated under the building that can accommodate a large number of cars.

High-speed internet provides services to all residents of Anakaji New Administrative Capital.

In addition to The international restaurant serves a variety of dishes including oriental and western dishes,

which offered by the most efficient professional chefs with a good reputation in their respective fields.

You will find it in Anakaji New Administrative Capital, which offers you a spa, jacuzzi, and sauna.

In addition in Real estate developers can choose an excellent location close to international schools.

An area dedicated to hosting famous Nubian parties and events.

A mosque designed in modern Islamic style for prayer and religious ceremonies.

In addition to The recreational area dedicated to water games and swimming, suitable for adults and children.

Enjoy your morning coffee at the café at Anakaji New Administrative Capital in the fresh atmosphere of flowers and soft music.

In addition to it equipped with a gym equipped with the latest devices and modern equipment,

In addition to a team of trainers specializing in fitness and bodybuilding training.

Elevators make it easy to move between floors and floors.

To see more information, watch the video of Anakaji, the new administrative capital

Anakaji New Administrative Capital

The most prominent services

Of new administrative capital:

In addition to there is the government district

That combines among the most prominent services,

Anakaji New Administrative Capital

Like many important official properties,

And nearly 18 ministerial properties,

In addition to the presence of the Presidential Center

And other presidential buildings in it

Also parliamentary buildings

and cabinet buildings,

In addition to all of them enjoy

The latest architectural styles

Also equipped with The latest advanced equipment

In addition to the government, the district is the most prominent

Among the other districts in the new capital.

Also, Universities are available in new capital,

There are divisions of a group

Of international universities,

In addition to at its top is the Canadian University,

Which spreads over an area of ​​thirty acres.

to design on the latest models

That mimic international layout

In addition to there is Anakaji New Administrative Capital.

It not only provides educational services to its students,

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