4T4 Tower New Capital

4T4 Tower New Capital
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4T4 Tower New Capital It is a mixed-use project, with G + 10 floors divided into three different types of main units.

4T4 Tower Downtown New Capital :

Tower 4T4 is a mixed-use development, with G+10 floors divided into

three diverse types of master units; Commercial and also medical and office spaces.

We carefully select the brands that cooperate with us, therefore,

4T4 will display only the most elegant brands in the field of food and beverage,

as well as the best clinics. The shape of our tower is distinctive.

It consists of two towers linked via a suspension bridge,

allowing the sharing of facilities between the two towers on those multiple levels.

The two towers overlook a garden that provides a wonderful view of all units.

Information about 4T4 Tower Down Town New Capital:

4T4 Mall Tower, the new administrative capital, is the first commercial and

administrative building in a privileged location in the city center.

The unique design of the cube ensures a panoramic view of all units.

The tower is equipped with all smart and advanced technical specifications,

and different and appropriate spaces. Prices for 4T4 Mall have multiple payment and installment systems,

all of which are provided by Vai developments,

an Egyptian-Gulf company.

4T4 Tower New Capital

4T4 Tower Down Town New Capital Location:

t4 Tower Downtown New Capital – 4t44 Tower Downtown New Capital 4T4,

located in a very special area in the city center,

two minutes away from the government district,

to be the favorite place in the administrative capital.

Its unique location is located on the main road beyond to

the government district with its shape and

also dynamic structure surrounded by vast greenery making it

the ideal place for business as well as relaxation as well as shopping.

4T4 Tower Down Town New Capital Services :

4T4 focuses on providing high quality medical services to our visitors and also our tenants only in the new capital,

and also cooperates with exclusive clinics.

Our architectural designs provide for our patients

the privacy of their entrances as well as their elevators in order to make their way as easily as possible to

the clinic designated for them.

Units 4T4 Tower New Capital :

Our huge commercial spaces provide comfort and practicality to both tenants as well as visitors by combining the experience of fine dining restaurants as well as trendy retail stores.

4T4 uniquely offers its tenants, also an outside balcony for each unit.

All of our commercial spaces, as well as retail stores, as well as food and beverages,

benefit from a private balcony as well as great green spaces,

while our medical units have their own entrances,

and our administrative offices enjoy an amazing view of panoramic glass as well as shared terraces.

4T4 Tower New Capital

4T4 Tower Down Town New Capital Prices :

The prices of The Views New Cairo compound are among the lowest residential prices in

the real estate field in New Cairo, compared to many of the services and facilities available within

the compound, which provide a wide range of entertainment and

also amenities for the residents of the compound so that customers can enjoy

the greatest healthy life as well as comfort As well as luxury.

  • Average Prices: 23000
  • Medical: 26000
  • GF Commercial: 100,000
  • First Commercial: 70,000

Payment methods in 4T4 Tower Down Town New Capital :

The company that owns the project has proposed a set of payment systems to suit all clients.

The company that owns 4T4 Tower Down Town New Capital :

Vai developments

We offer an exclusive community of administrative offices that can enjoy their own parking,

and also two shared open terraces on the 5th as well as the 10th floors.

The dynamic shape as well as the versatile sophistication provides all staff with practicality and

comfort to enjoy a nice coffee break or lunch meeting in one of

the food and beverage outlets downstairs.

We aim to be the most trusted and also capable developer when it comes to premium as well as high end projects.

Our vision is to witness the prosperity of our projects and to become

the number one destination that delivers exceptional quality according to the highest standards.

We promise to make a positive impact in the living communities as well as

the work we develop and enter. We believe in providing the finest developments possible.

Our goal is that all our projects are built according to the highest quality standards.

We are keen to select all of our tenants as well as our subsidiaries to ensure

that we partner only with the best possible calibers in order to ensure that our standards of elegance and sophistication are met.

Note that the prices as well as the spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2021, and therefore they are subject to change, and we at Masharef are keen to update them constantly in order for the customer to be aware of the changes in the real estate market.

4T4 Tower New Capital

The new administrative capital:

The new administrative capital is located on the barriers of the town of Badr in

the limited space between the Cairo-Suez Sabeel and the Cairo-Ain Sukhna Road,

in the east of the National Ring Road. 2015,

the new administrative capital was inaugurated during the rule of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi,

President of the Arab State of Egypt.

The most important information about the new administrative capital:

  • The new administrative capital is one of the new skilled cities in Egypt.
  • By 2050 the number of inhabitants will reach forty 1,000,000 people.
  • The new administrative capital constitutes a cultural bridge that supports the creation of a political, economic and cultural entity within the borders of the Middle East region.
  • New Administrative Capital Services
  • The new administrative capital includes a green waterway with a length of 35 km, as it is linked to all the city’s neighborhoods and universities.
  • The electric train project will be completed in the 10th of Ramadan City and Belbeis by the electric train.
  • It contains with it the largest central park called the Capital Park, with an area of ​​1,000 acres and a length of ten km.
  • An international airstrip will be established in the new administrative capital on a place of 16 km.
  • The Artistic Creativity Center is dedicated to serving the creative youth.
  • Town of Arts and Culture on a place of 127 acres.
  • There are multiple services such as: exhibition town, medical town, conference center and sports town.
  • Ritual Sculpture and Graphic Arts.
  • An open theater to serve the classes of society.

4T4 Tower New Capital

Downtown space in the administrative capital:

The area of ​​Down Town in the Administrative Capital is one of the unique parts of the Administrative Capital.

If you are searching for the map of the Administrative Capital,

today we offer you many data about the location of Down Town in the Administrative Capital.

Downtown business in the administrative capital.

You can get acquainted with it at this moment throughout the achievement,

as you can know the map of Downtown in the administrative capital.

Map of Downtown, the new administrative capital:

Downtown Map If you happen to be in the Downtown Mall, the location of

the Downtown Malls is located in one of the most famous and excellent areas that remain next to

the local ring road, and this is from Oia area all the way to Ain Sukhna,

through the cathedral and the English University, and it reaches the well-known Al-Massa Hotel.

It is considered one of the best very large projects that have been carried out within the capital,

as it was designed with contemplation and loose imagination,

as a group of different gardens saved next to the Down Town,

so that there would be a radiant appearance for the malls.

All supplies and essentials for everyone saved within the commercial malls.

And the units inside designed in a very amazing way,

with a shape with distinct and harmonious specifications, in addition to that,

the gardens around them describe the sophistication of the space.

That mall designed on a very crowded place that took about 27 acres for administrative malls and commercial malls of 35 acres,

and that is what we will mention in the next paragraphs.

44T Tower New Capital

Downtown Malls area:

The new administrative capital downtown malls, the administrative capital,

the spaces vary in the range of the downtown malls,

and they designed with the aim of serving everyone. They allocated as follows:

The responsible commercial establishment has set aside a 35-acre area for shopping malls.

The responsible institution has allocated a place of 27 acres for administrative malls.

And The responsible institution has also set aside a 17-acre place for malls specialized in food products.

The responsible commercial establishment has allocated an area of ​​16 acres for the malls designated for protection companies.

The responsible institution inhabited a place allocating ninety acres for areas of creativity.

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