Anakaji Compound the New Capital

Prices start from 1,085,440 EGP
7 installment years
Down payment 10%
Delivery 2023
Spaces starting from 106 Sqm
Last updated 2022-03-31
Anakaji Compound the New CapitalAnakaji Compound the New CapitalAnakaji Compound the New CapitalAnakaji Compound the New Capital
Anakaji Compound the New CapitalAnakaji Compound the New CapitalAnakaji Compound the New CapitalAnakaji Compound the New Capital
Details Anakaji Compound the New Capital
project nameAnakaji Compound the New Capital
project LocationNew Capital
project unitsApartments - Studio
Delivery date2023
Payment Systems10% downpayment + 10 years
Finishing typeCore & Shell
Spaces starting from106 Sqm
Prices starting from1,085,440
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Anakaji Compound the New Capital
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Project details

Anakaji Compound the New Capital, or as it is known as Anakaji New Capital Project, is one of  Aqar Misr’s real estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

Information about Anakaji New Capital Compound:

The Anakaji New Administrative Capital project is located on an area equivalent to 20 acres.

It is located near the Bin Zayed Axis and the Capital Dream, as it is close to many other areas.

The Compound Anakaji, the administrative capital, is next to a number of schools, majors, hospitals, locations, and Cairo International Airport,

In all cases, it is in the best residential areas in Cairo, because it is adjacent to all these global areas, Anakaji New Capital Compound

distinguished by its unique location, and this is what makes the most benefit for all our valued customers.

The designs in Anakaji Capital are high-quality designs, as they take the Nubian style.

It is one of the latest models on which these wonderful residential projects are held because we are working for creativity and extracting the best works.

A well-equipped and professional team of engineers and interior designers is available in the world, The project Anakaji Compound is distinguished by its unique characteristics,

whether in the internal or external construction works, everything from the outside is made of thick glass against breakage.

It takes the same designs as found on pharaonic temples, houses, and homes.

The buildings are surrounded by a huge amount of trees and palms, which gives an attractive appearance to the place.

The percentage of construction takes 20% of the project area, and the rest are green spaces and distinct and unique gardens.

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Masharf Real Estate.

the location of Anakaji compound New Capital:

The location of the Anakaji Compound is distinguish by its location in the eighth residential neighborhood R8, which is a lively residential neighborhood, specifically in plot number i4.

The project is adjacent to the most vital neighborhood, which is the diplomatic quarter, which has a large number of embassies.

The facades of the Anakaji New Administrative Capital project overlook the green river extending along the length of the compound.

This green river is one of the largest central parks in the world, not just the Egyptian one.

The location of the Anakaji Compound is the administrative capital, which faces the government district.

This government district contains a number of ministries and government agencies, in addition to the presidential palace and the opera house.

In the government district, there is the Almasa Hotel, which is one of the most famous hotels in the world.

Anakaji Compound, new capital, overlooks two corners, one street, 80 meters wide, In addition, the other 60 square meters wide The width of the project is 160 meters, and its length is 600 square meters.

compund anakaji new capital location

Anakaji New Capital compound unites

For instance…


  • The areas of the Anakaji New Capital compound
  • start from 106 meters to 241 meters


  • The areas of the Anakaji New Capital
  • compound start from 106 meters to 241 meters

Services of the Compound Anakaji New Capital:

For instance…

There is a Club House Available in Compound Anakaji, the administrative capital, a commercial area There is a cultural center

There is a garage for each building in Anakaji New Administrative Capital Available baker (oven) There is a supermarket There is a pharmacy

A social club is available Health club available There are clinics equipp with the latest medical devices There are restaurants and cafes

that offer delicious food and drinks in Anakaji New Capital compound In the Anakaji Administrative Capital project,

there is a special area for children for all entertainment games Laundry available

In addition, There are many large green spaces in Compound Anakaji.

A huge shopping mall is available that includes all international and local brands that suit all tastes

There is an integrated services area in addition to the luxury in the project.

A sports club with the latest sports equipment is available in Compound Anakaji.

There is 24-hour security and guarding Surveillance cameras available…

The areas of Anakaji Compound the New Capital:

The project was built on an area of ​​20 acres and only 19% of it was allocated for buildings and more than 80% for industrial lakes and green spaces.

To make Anakaji Compound one of the most projects that achieve psychological comfort in new capital for its residents by allocating large areas for green and blue colors on its land.

The compound was design by DMA Engineering Consultants.

The company that designed the Mountain View project, along with the Bosco project and other mega projects in Egypt, contributed to highlighting the element of expertise and design ingenuity.

Anakaji project New Capital consists of 10 buildings.

Each building contains a minimum of 2 buildings In addition, a maximum of 4 buildings.

There is a dedicated entrance for each building, taking into account the residents’ privacy.

In addition, There are two elevators in the Anakaji compound in every residential building of the project.

The residential architecture consists of a ground floor along with 7 typical floors.

The compound includes 800 residential units, of which 300 are in the first phase Residential unit areas start from 94 meters to a maximum of 319 meters.

In addition, The units of Compound Anakaji, the New Administrative Capital, divided into the ground floors with or without a garden, duplexes, and frequent floors in addition to penthouses.

In addition…

Facilities and amenities:

For instance…

Anakaji has put Egypt Real Estate in mind the expertise of engineering minds in it,

which extends for more than 25 years, In addition, and is head by senior consultant Majid Megir.

Anakaji is an architectural masterpiece in which heritage blends with modernity in harmony,

and nothing more amazing.

Compound Anakaji’s new capital is an integrated service compound, in every sense.

  • The Anakaji project is located on the main street 80 meters wide and the other street in about 60 meters.
  • The width of the Anakaji project is 160 meters and the length of the project is 600 meters.
  • The compound has two entrances at the start and end of the project, in order to prevent crowding and customer comfort, with security and guard services around the clock.
  • In addition Green areas, water bodies, and a 1 km jogging track.
  • 2 huge service commercial areas, with a variety of the most luxurious stores that offer you the most important international brands.
  • Garages down buildings.
  • In addition Clubhouse for children and another for adults to give you the utmost luxury, full service.
  • Integrated library and cultural center.
  • Super Market.
  • In addition bakery.
  • pharmacy.
  • World-class restaurants and cafes area of hotel services.
  • Public washbasin.
  • In addition Water games area.
  • In addition, Party area in the famous Nubian style.
  • Also near the compound Anakaji, there are many international schools nearby.

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Features of Anakaji Compound the New Capital
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Anakaji Compound located?
In the eighth residential R8 in new administrative capital
What is the executing company for Anakaji Compound?
Aqar Misr real estate Development